9 Top Klaviyo Competitors & Alternatives to Try in 2024

Klaviyo has garnered popularity among e-commerce store owners as a leading email marketing tool. However, recent reviews highlight concerns regarding slow customer support responses and comparatively higher costs compared to competitors.

In this blog post, we will explore the best Klaviyo competitors, offering enhanced features for elevating your e-commerce email marketing strategy without incurring additional expenses.

What is Klaviyo?


Klaviyo is a comprehensive tool in the realm of email marketing. Like many contemporary email marketing platforms, Klaviyo offers an array of marketing automation features, encompassing email campaigns, text messages, automated workflows, email capture and popups, advanced segmentation, and more.

Crafting campaigns within Klaviyo is facilitated by a drag-and-drop interface, simplifying the process of building emails. While the overall builder is user-friendly, some aspects might raise questions. However, tasks like adding products and customizing emails are relatively straightforward.

With its robust automated flows and precise segmentation capabilities, Klaviyo offers a plethora of possibilities for users to explore.

Here are the 9 best Klaviyo competitors and alternatives for you to try out right now.

1. MailChimp


MailChimp is often regarded as a benchmark in the realm of email marketing and stands as a formidable competitor to Klaviyo. Its strength lies in its user-friendly interface, featuring a visual editor and clear tutorials that simplify the process of using its features.

Creating and customizing emails on MailChimp is a breeze thanks to its intuitive visual editor. Moreover, MailChimp offers unique channel integrations, including Instagram ads alongside the more common Google and Facebook ads found in automation tools.

With its ecommerce marketing automation capabilities, MailChimp efficiently assists in building a robust email contacts list. In essence, Mailchimp serves as a comprehensive marketing platform, offering a one-stop solution for businesses seeking to streamline their marketing efforts.

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2. HubSpot


HubSpot emerges as another viable alternative to Klaviyo, focusing on integrated marketing and sales to bolster business growth. Its core strengths lie in aligning these two critical aspects seamlessly.

HubSpot adopts an all-in-one approach, providing a comprehensive suite of marketing, sales, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. This integrated platform empowers businesses to streamline their marketing and sales endeavors, ensuring a cohesive and synchronized approach to engaging with customers and fostering revenue generation.

Through centralizing customer data and interactions, HubSpot facilitates a holistic view of the customer journey, spanning from initial contact to closing deals. This integrated approach facilitates effective collaboration between marketing and sales teams, enabling them to align their strategies and deliver personalized customer experiences that drive conversions.

3. Omnisend


One of the top alternatives to Klaviyo is Omnisend, which specializes in eCommerce-focused email marketing solutions tailored to enhance your online store.

Similar to other platforms on this list, Omnisend features a user-friendly drag-and-drop campaign editor along with pre-designed newsletter templates, facilitating the creation of promotional messages with ease.

Additionally, Omnisend provides pop-ups and forms to aid in lead generation and building your email list, simplifying the process for you. Furthermore, the platform offers list management tools to help keep your subscribers organized and engaged.

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4. ConvertKit


ConvertKit targets individuals and businesses seeking newsletter growth, offering email marketing automation features and tools for form and landing page creation.

It also facilitates monetization of newsletters through various avenues such as selling memberships, eBooks, and coaching sessions.

5. SmartrMail


SmartrMail is an email and SMS marketing tool designed for smaller online stores. It offers features for building automated flows tailored to cart abandoners, new leads, and more.

With native integrations with popular ecommerce platforms, SmartrMail streamlines marketing efforts for online businesses.

6. Brevo


Brevo emerges as a cost-effective alternative to Klaviyo, providing essential features at an affordable price point.

It offers various pricing plans suitable for businesses of different sizes and budgets, making it an appealing option for budget-conscious organizations.

7. Insider


Insider offers extensive personalization capabilities across multiple channels, including email, SMS, push notifications, and more.

By aggregating customer data and personalizing every touchpoint, Insider helps businesses drive conversions and revenue effectively.

8. Drip


Drip introduces users to its platform with a highly visual interface, emphasizing workflows and offering numerous automation options from the outset.

However, Drip's visual editor may not be as robust as other email marketing tools mentioned here.

 Unlike many campaign builders that operate on a block-based system, Drip's emails are segmented into header, message, and footer sections, with limited customization options in between.

9. Sendpulse


SendPulse is tailored for small businesses seeking to enhance their online presence and connect with their audience effectively.

With user-friendly features and an intuitive platform, SendPulse simplifies email marketing for businesses of all sizes.

You can also read SendPulse review for more details about this platform.

Conclusion: Klaviyo Competitors

Selecting the appropriate tool is paramount for successful email marketing endeavors.

By carefully evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of various tools available, you can identify the ideal email marketing application for your ecommerce business.

While not every tool may suit your needs, there are numerous Klaviyo alternatives that offer comparable features without the hefty monthly costs.

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