Klaviyo Vs Mailchimp: Which Email Marketing App is Better?

Email Marketing Platforms empower businesses to transform data into tangible business value by delivering personalized email experiences to customers.

Explore the variances between Klaviyo and Mailchimp, two prominent email platforms, and gain insights into selecting the ideal email solution tailored to your requirements.

What is Klaviyo?


Employing Klaviyo for email marketing unlocks numerous opportunities for businesses striving to develop highly personalized email campaigns. Klaviyo's prowess lies in its ability to leverage data for crafting targeted campaigns.

With Klaviyo, segmenting your audience based on their behaviors and preferences becomes effortless, ensuring that your messages resonate with the right individuals at the opportune moment.

Furthermore, Klaviyo simplifies the creation of visually captivating emails with its intuitive design tools. The platform offers user-friendly features empowering you to craft engaging content without requiring extensive technical expertise.

By harnessing Klaviyo's robust analytics, you can gauge the efficacy of your email campaign outcomes and refine your strategy, thereby fostering stronger connections with your audience through effective email marketing. (Read What is Klaviyo for more details)

Klaviyo Pros

1. Abundance of customization options for campaigns
2. Robust integrations with a wide array of tools
3. Advanced automation with customizable rules
4. User-friendly drag-and-drop automation builder
5. Comprehensive documentation and customer resources
6. Powerful analytics and A/B testing available on all plans

Klaviyo Cons

1. Occasional delays in customer support response
2. Steep learning curve for beginners
3. Relatively higher cost compared to some alternatives

What is Mailchimp?


Mailchimp stands out for its user-friendly interface, offering a plethora of templates that enable you to create attractive, professional-looking emails effortlessly, even without prior design experience.

With over one hundred templates available, Mailchimp empowers users to customize their email marketing designs using the intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Whether your objective is to expand your mailing list or monitor your campaign's performance, Mailchimp provides a range of tools tailored to your needs.

Mailchimp Pros

1. Simple and intuitive backend interface
2. Extensive integration and add-on options available
3. AI enhancements facilitate campaign-building processes
4. Comprehensive reporting options for in-depth analysis
5. Excellent selection of templates and designs
6. Additional features for website building and advertising strategies

Mailchimp Cons

1. Free plan offers limited features
2. Some reported issues with customer support responsiveness
3. A/B testing not available on certain packages

For a deeper dive into Mailchimp, please read our guide on What is Mailchimp.

Klaviyo Vs Mailchimp: Who Wins?

Selecting between Klaviyo and Mailchimp presents a challenge, considering both platforms have solidified their positions as frontrunners in the email marketing realm.

Let's delve into a detailed comparison of these two platforms.


While Klaviyo and Mailchimp offer similar features, Klaviyo's tools boast slightly deeper customization, segmentation, automation, analytics, and reporting capabilities.

Mailchimp's solutions, on the other hand, prioritize ease of use but offer less flexibility in customization.

Ease of Use

Klaviyo encompasses a broader range of features compared to Mailchimp, potentially resulting in a steeper learning curve for users. However, Klaviyo provides ample guidance to navigate its functionalities.

Mailchimp, in contrast, offers a more straightforward user experience but may lack advanced features in certain areas.


Both Klaviyo and Mailchimp offer seamless integrations with various website builders, CRMs, and other tools. Additionally, they both support connections with Zapier for enhanced functionality.

Customer Support

Both Klaviyo and Mailchimp provide email and chat support options.

However, Mailchimp boasts more advanced social media support, while Klaviyo offers a comprehensive knowledge base for users seeking guidance.

Klaviyo Vs Mailchimp: Pricing

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty - how much do these platforms cost?

At 10,000 email subscribers, Klaviyo starts at $175 per month for email-only services, or $190 if you also want SMS capabilities.

Mailchimp offers a slightly cheaper option with their Essentials plan at $100 per month. The Standard plan, which includes additional features, is priced at $135 per month, while their Premium plan goes for $350 monthly.

It's worth noting that Mailchimp's Essentials plan limits you to only four journey points, which might be insufficient for businesses with more intricate automation needs. Hence, it's advisable to consider at least the Standard plan or higher.

Determining a clear winner in terms of pricing can be challenging. The better value between the two platforms largely depends on your subscriber count.

However, considering the value that email marketing, especially with automation, can bring to your business, both Klaviyo and Mailchimp offer compelling options at their respective price points.

Conclusion: Klaviyo Vs Mailchimp

In conclusion, both Mailchimp and Klaviyo offer exceptional experiences for those seeking robust email marketing solutions.

Mailchimp stands out as an ideal option for small brands and beginners seeking an affordable, all-encompassing marketing tool. Particularly beneficial for those on a budget, Mailchimp serves as a reliable website builder, CRM, and digital marketing software.

Conversely, Klaviyo caters more to larger eCommerce brands requiring a robust marketing tool seamlessly integrated into their existing online store and CRM. If your primary objective revolves around online product sales and swiftly realizing ROI from your marketing endeavors, Klaviyo emerges as the superior choice.

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