It’s difficult to win your market when you are blind to your competitors’ activities.

Website Audit are used to help users quickly obtain an overview of the entire website, including basic information, traffic proportion, competitors, etc.

With this tool, you can perform a deeper competitor analysis easily!

Complete and Accurate Data for Competitor Audit

Uncover all details of your competitors’ online presence with Niche Finder.

Website Audit By Niche Finder

We provide comprehensive website data for reference including:

1. URL

2. Register time, updated time, expiry time

3. DNS

4. IP address

5. Website rank

6. Bounce Rate

7. Pages per Visit &Avg Visit Duration

8. Total visits & Last Month Change

9. Website title & description

10. Registrar WHOIS Server

11. Marketing Channels Distribution

12. Top Keywords

13. Competitors address

14. Top countries

15. Gender and age distribution

16. Co-hosted domains

17. Backlinks

18. Links to & Redirects

Having comprehensive data on competitors is not just about keeping tabs on industry rivals but is a strategic imperative for informed decision-making, staying competitive, and positioning your business for long-term success in a dynamic business environment.

Analyze Competitors' Marketing Strategies

Check competitors’ marketing channel distribution and identify the channels with the highest traffic share. 

Website Audit By Niche Finder

If the Direct part is relatively high, it indicates that it has established a stable user base; If the Search section has a high proportion, it indicates that it has done a good job in SEO.

From the traffic proportion chart, we can quickly understand how the website has seized traffic in the market. Discover the most effective marketing tactics to help you rank top.

Easy Access & Management to Competitor's Website

With a user-friendly interface, Niche Finder allows users to easily view and bookmark competitors.

Website Audit By Niche Finder

1. You can click on the small icon in front to directly reach the homepage of competitors.

2. For competitors that you are interested in tracking, just click it and add it to Website Collections.

3. Direct clicking the competitor’s website address will guide you to its Website Audit page.

Website Audit Tool FAQs

What is a Website Audit Tool?

A Website Audit Tool is an online service that assesses the health, performance, and overall effectiveness of a website. We can get comprehensive data about your competitors.

Why is a Website Audit Important?

By analyzing competitor websites, a website audit can identify areas where a site may be falling behind or areas where it excels. This information helps in refining strategies to stay competitive in the online landscape.

What Can You Do with Backlink Information in Website Audit?

You can analyze and learn from competitors' marketing strategies by examining their backlinks.