Use Keywords Niche to analyze Google SERP and top competitors in the niche market. 

You can find niche market keywords easily based on our accurate data!

Covering 49 Countries and Regions With More Than 45 Languages

Keywords Niche lets you switch your location for accurate localized results, which can be beneficial to local SEO.

You can explore keyword trends in more than 40 countries and languages using Keywords Niche, and discover hidden customer demands and traffic insights in target locations. 

Keywords Niche By Niche Finder

After selecting a country, the corresponding language will be shown in the box automatically! So you don't need to spend time finding the corresponding language again.

1. 45+ nations and regions

2. 45+ language support.

3. Switch anytime, anywhere.

4. Focus on the local market.

Providing Complete Keywords Overview

You can quickly obtain the keyword difficulty, search volume, CPC price, and historical search volume trend for your target keywords with Keyword Niche

The related keywords will also be displayed below, making it convenient for users to quickly understand the hot topic about your target keywords.

Keywords Niche By Niche Finder

SERP Preview in Real Time 

SERP checking is crucial for assessing SEO performance. Monitoring SERPs allows businesses to evaluate their website's visibility, track keyword rankings, and identify competitors.

Keywords Niche By Niche Finder

With Keyword Niche, you can find accurate SERP data including:

1. Domain/Subdomain/Page numbers

2. Website address

3. Website title

4. Website establishment time

5. Similarweb rank

6. Similarweb Visit

7. DA

With the above data, you can find how your competitors find their niche markets to gain traffic and profits.

Quick Access to Deeper Analysis

We provide quick access entrance if you want to find out more useful details:

1. To learn specific information about a website, you can click it and the dropdown menu will directly display more detailed info. such as the proportion of traffic sources, top keywords, and main competitors

2. The last column “Actions” provides quick access to Sermush, Similarweb, and Web.archive. It allows users to easily access these powerful tools without having to search for their URLs in new windows for further in-depth analysis.

Keywords Niche

Convenient Collection for Further Analysis

For any competitors that you are interested in, you can click and collect it into Website Collection. 

Niche Finder

Collecting competitor websites offers strategic advantages.

It enables quick access to rival platforms for regular analysis, helping track their content updates, marketing strategies, and design changes.

Keywords Niche Tool FAQs

What Does Niche Market Mean?

A niche market refers to a specialized, narrowly defined segment of the market that addresses the specific needs, preferences, and demands of a particular group of consumers.

What is a Keywords Niche Tool?

A Keywords Niche Tool is designed to help users identify and explore keywords within a specific niche or industry.

Why is Keywords Niche Important for Marketing Strategy?

Niche Finder's Keywords Niche Tool is essential for marketing strategy as it helps identify SERP information and get comprehensive data about your competitors. You can find niche markets for target keywords easily based on our accurate data!