7 Best SoundCloud Alternatives 2024: Top Picks

SoundCloud is a renowned music-sharing platform, that offers users access to a vast array of songs. For many music enthusiasts, SoundCloud is a familiar name encountered in their quest for optimal music streaming websites.

Yet, there are instances when SoundCloud experiences downtime or other issues. In such cases, exploring alternatives becomes imperative.

Here, we will show you some of the best SoundCloud alternatives for enjoying music online.

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud leads the online music services market, offering users the freedom to upload songs at their discretion. Catering to music of all genres, the platform boasts a diverse user base, including globally recognized artists like Kanye West and major music labels such as Universal.

To upload an audio file, only two simple requirements must be met: the right to use the published material and compliance with copyright laws.

Over time, this upload service has evolved significantly, initially focusing on both listeners and music producers. However, in recent years, SoundCloud has expanded its focus, aiming to revolutionize how users discover and engage with music, broadening its range of functions accordingly.

7 Best SoundCloud Alternatives 2024

Below are the best 7 SoundCloud alternatives that are worth trying.

1. Audiomack


Audiomack is an excellent platform for artists seeking to distribute their music across streaming services. Offering an alternative to traditional digital stores, Audiomack enables users to upload unlimited tracks for free.

With a substantial following of over five million daily active users, it provides an opportunity to both expand existing fan bases and attract new listeners.

2. Mixcloud


Mixcloud presents itself as a platform akin to SoundCloud, often preferred by certain users. However, it distinguishes itself by focusing primarily on mixes and podcasts rather than individual tracks.

Users have the ability to upload mixtapes and explore diverse music genres. While the platform's standard requires content to be uploaded as single tracks (albeit as mixtapes), Mixcloud caters to real music enthusiasts seeking personalized listening experiences.

Notably, Mixcloud aims to curate an intimate and immersive experience for users, tailoring music recommendations to individual tastes. With a predominant focus on talk shows, radio shows, and podcasts, Mixcloud may not be ideal for those seeking single-track content due to its restriction to a single mix track format, which can be time-consuming for some listeners.

3. Reverbnation


Reverbnation, once a dominant force in the music sharing realm, continues to offer a plethora of unique features for artists and music lovers alike.

From social syncing to digital distribution, Reverbnation provides a user-friendly interface and facilitates connections between local artists and their fan base. With its robust discovery feature, discovering new music becomes effortless.

4. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade offers artists the opportunity to connect with fans by providing free access to their music. While users are required to register with an email address and postal code, this process can be leveraged to build a dedicated fan base.

Additionally, artists can earn revenue through tips from supporters, making NoiseTrade a valuable platform for both exposure and income generation.

5. Soundclick


Soundclick is one of the oldest streaming sites and music distribution platforms, rivalling the likes of SoundCloud. With operations dating back to 1997, it holds the distinction of being one of the earliest music streaming platforms.

While Soundclick offers a similar experience to SoundCloud, its interface may not be as visually appealing. However, it compensates with an extensive collection of captivating content that can pique users' interest.

Navigating Soundclick allows users to easily discover cool songs from specific artists or genres. Despite lacking the vibrant community found on SoundCloud, Soundclick still fosters interaction among users and artists, thanks to its longstanding presence in the industry.

Artists can leverage Soundclick to sell their songs, making it particularly popular among beat producers who cater to rap artists. While SoundCloud primarily serves as a social hub for song artists rather than music fans, it remains an excellent platform for individuals involved in music creation to explore and engage with like-minded individuals.

6. Clyp.it


Similar to SoundCloud, Clyp provides a platform for artists to upload their music. Operating akin to services like Google Drive but exclusively for audio, Clyp allows users to upload and share tracks conveniently.

Clyp prioritizes the music over the artist, offering basic features such as comments and sharing. However, it lacks the widespread popularity and community engagement found on other platforms.

While Clyp may not enjoy high discoverability or a robust community, it serves as a viable option for those seeking to share music swiftly. Ideal for users interested in discovering random music, Clyp may not guarantee access to specific artists or genres but offers a quick and efficient sharing experience.

7. Bandcamp


Bandcamp is one of the alternatives to SoundCloud, particularly for emerging artists seeking to cultivate a dedicated fan base.

With customizable pricing options and the ability to sell physical merchandise alongside music, Bandcamp empowers artists to monetize their work effectively.

By fostering direct connections between artists and fans, Bandcamp offers a user-friendly platform for both creators and enthusiasts.

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Conclusion on SoundCloud Alternative

These SoundCloud alternatives offer numerous attractive features for professional podcasters and music entrepreneurs.

Whether it's seeking a more artist-friendly environment, discovering niche genres, or accessing exclusive content, these alternatives offer compelling options worth considering.

Ultimately, the choice depends on individual preferences, goals, and the specific experience users seek in their musical journey.

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