SoundCloud Vs Spotify: Which Tool is Better?

SoundCloud Vs Spotify has long captivated audiophiles and music enthusiasts. Even today, the debate persists, though perhaps not as intensely as the clash between Apple Music and Spotify.

In this article, we seek to settle this ongoing discussion by providing a comprehensive comparison of the two platforms, aiding you in choosing the one that best suits your musical preferences.

What is Spotify?


Spotify stands out as the preferred platform for many music enthusiasts, offering several compelling reasons for its popularity. With its intuitive interface and extensive music library, Spotify caters to a broad spectrum of listeners, ranging from casual fans to avid music aficionados. Its vast collection encompasses popular tracks across various genres, appealing to a diverse audience.

One of Spotify's notable features is its algorithm-driven playlists, such as "Discover Weekly," which introduce users to new music, making it a powerhouse for music discovery. Additionally, Spotify excels in providing options for music download and offline listening, making it suitable for situations like road trips or areas with limited internet access. With superior audio quality compared to SoundCloud, Spotify delivers a premium listening experience.

What is SoundCloud?


In contrast, SoundCloud offers a distinct platform tailored to emerging artists and musicians. It serves as a launchpad for aspiring talents, particularly in the realm of underground music.

For enthusiasts of underground and experimental music, SoundCloud often serves as the platform of choice. It serves as a vibrant hub for lo-fi producers and up-and-coming artists, hosting a plethora of demos, EPs, and live performances.

SoundCloud Vs Spotify: In-Depth Comparison

Let's compare SoundCloud and Spotify side by side.

1. Music Library and Content

Spotify is renowned for its extensive music library encompassing a wide variety of musical genres, featuring collections from major record labels alongside independent artists. With licensing agreements with prominent labels, Spotify ensures a comprehensive selection of both mainstream and indie music.

In contrast, SoundCloud takes a user-generated content approach, allowing artists to upload their music directly to the platform. While mainstream music is available, SoundCloud is particularly celebrated for its diverse collection of independent, underground, and indie music.

2. Free and Premium Tiers

Both Spotify and SoundCloud offer free and premium tiers. Spotify's free tier includes occasional advertisements and limited skip options, while its premium tier removes ads, enables offline streaming, and offers unlimited skips.

Similarly, SoundCloud's free tier includes ads, while its premium tiers, SoundCloud Go and Go+, provide ad-free streaming, offline listening, and an expanded music library.

3. User-Generated Content

As previously mentioned, Spotify predominantly features licensed music from record labels and independent artists, compensating streaming artists through royalties based on their platform performance. User-generated content on Spotify is restricted to podcasts and playlists.

SoundCloud, on the other hand, is renowned for its advocacy of emerging and independent artists. Artists have the freedom to upload their music, mixtapes, and demos directly to the platform, highlighting SoundCloud's emphasis on user-generated content over Spotify.

4. Social Features

Both Spotify and SoundCloud offer social features to engage users.

Spotify enables users to follow friends, share playlists, and collaborate on playlists, while SoundCloud allows users to comment on tracks, repost tracks, and engage directly with artists through comments and private messaging.

5. Curation and Artist Discovery

Spotify utilizes user data and algorithms to curate personalized playlists like Release Radar and Discover Weekly. SoundCloud's discovery relies more on community engagement, with users exploring emerging artists and music through comments, likes, and reposts.

6. User Count

Spotify boasts over 574 million users globally, with 226 million subscribers across 180 markets.

SoundCloud has 130 million registered users, primarily popular among music creators, with approximately 30 million music creators having a SoundCloud account.

7. Geographic Availability

Spotify's extensive market presence ensures its availability in the majority of countries globally, giving it a broader international reach compared to SoundCloud.

On the other hand, while SoundCloud is accessible in numerous countries, its presence is not as widespread as Spotify's.

8. Podcasts

Both Spotify and SoundCloud offer podcasts alongside music streaming.

However, Spotify is a dominant player in the podcast industry, with a vast collection of podcasts and exclusive content, while SoundCloud's presence in the podcasting sphere is less prominent.

Conclusion on SoundCloud Vs Spotify

If you're seeking undiscovered artists and unofficial tracks, SoundCloud stands out as the ultimate destination on the internet. While you may encounter some artists who have also gained recognition on Spotify, this remains the primary advantage of utilizing SoundCloud.

On the other hand, Spotify provides a comprehensive listening experience, particularly for established artists. With better value for money on its monthly pricing plans and more versatile premium subscriptions compared to SoundCloud, Spotify also offers superior customization options for playlists.

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