SE Ranking Vs Ahrefs: Which SEO Tool Should You Use in 2024?

At first glance, SE Ranking and Ahrefs may seem like two distinct SEO tools. SE Ranking prioritizes a cost-effective and user-friendly platform that encompasses all essential aspects. Conversely, Ahrefs places value on its premium services, justifying higher charges by offering a wide range of tools and data.

To gain further insight and determine the ideal tool for your needs, we recommend referring to our comprehensive review comparing SE Ranking and Ahrefs below.

This detailed comparison will provide you with all the necessary information to select the most suitable SEO platform.

What is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking Vs Ahrefs

SE Ranking was established in 2013 to provide a user-friendly SEO tool that enables individuals and professionals alike to enhance the online visibility of their websites.

Currently based in London, the company has garnered a substantial user base of over 800,000 individuals, including beginners, marketing agencies, and seasoned professionals.

With an extensive database comprising billions of keywords and trillions of backlinks, SE Ranking's resources prove invaluable for various SEO endeavors.


1. The layout of the interface is designed to be user-friendly, providing a pleasant visual experience.

2. The backlink gap analyzer proves to be a valuable tool for analyzing and identifying gaps in backlink profiles.

3. For individuals with limited marketing budgets, low search volume keyword suggestions are highly recommended as they offer cost-effective options.

4. The platform offers extensive coverage for rank tracking, including YouTube and Google Maps, ensuring comprehensive monitoring across various platforms.


1. Default subscriptions do not include all services.

2. The competition's keyword database surpasses ours in terms of extent.

You can also read our full reviews on SE Ranking for more details.

What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs Vs SE Ranking

Ahrefs is a renowned software-as-a-service (SaaS) organization that primarily concentrates on providing web-based SEO tools. In addition to their paid services, they also provide a range of complimentary tools and educational resources for the marketing sector.

With a workforce of more than 50 professionals, Ahrefs operates from its central headquarters in Singapore. Their extensive database boasts an impressive collection of 24.7 trillion internal backlinks, 3.3 external backlinks, and a staggering 22 billion keywords.


1. The Site Explorer tool provides comprehensive insights into website data.

2. The keyword research feature offers extensive search engine and platform coverage.

3. The metric of keyword traffic potential proves to be valuable.

4. The detailed information available will greatly benefit advanced marketing experts and agencies.


1. It is quite costly, particularly for individuals and small enterprises.

2. There is no provision for automatic posting on social media platforms.

For a deeper dive into Ahrefs's information, use Niche Finder's Website Audit tool.

SE Ranking Vs Ahrefs: Features Comparison

Here is an in-depth comparison of features of SE Ranking and Ahrefs.

Competitor Analysis

We will begin by examining competitor analysis, which is the primary aspect we will compare between Ahrefs and SE Ranking.

SE Ranking

The platform provides comprehensive competitor research. Begin by inputting the desired URL and obtain extensive information about that domain.

Remember to select a specific location and adjust other settings before initiating the search – this can be valuable if you wish to narrow down the results.

The initial overview comprises of Domain Trust and Page Trust metrics, which offer an estimation of how search engines perceive the authority of the selected site. Although higher numbers are preferable, our SE Ranking vs Ahrefs review team emphasizes that the remaining information holds greater significance.


The Site Explorer tool is an invaluable resource for analyzing your competition. It's incredibly straightforward - simply input the domain or URL you wish to analyze, select the appropriate settings, and initiate the analysis. Within seconds, you will have access to a wealth of information.

One notable metric is the Domain Rating score, displayed in purple, which provides an overview of the entire site. The estimated traffic is categorized into two sections: organic and paid search.

You will find valuable data such as keywords and traffic information, including the estimated value of the traffic. This value represents the amount you would likely need to invest for your website to rank first in search results.

Backlink Analysis

The next part of Ahrefs vs SE Ranking comparison will focus on backlink analysis, which is imperative for your SEO. 

SE Ranking

The process begins with the backlink checker, which our Ahrefs vs SE Ranking review team found to be user-friendly.

Upon entering the desired URL, a comprehensive analysis of the selected domain will be provided. Pay attention to the two standard metrics - Domain Trust and Page Trust - as they offer insights into the current performance of the domain.

One of the notable features of this tool is its organized presentation of results, making them easy to navigate. Each metric is displayed in a separate box, showcasing the number of anchor texts on the site, the ratio between no-follow and do-follow links, and the number of referring domains.

Additionally, you will be able to determine the total number of backlinks, as well as the distribution between links leading to the domain's homepage and those directing to other pages.


To analyze the backlinks of a specific website, you must utilize the Site Explorer tool. Within the available results, you will find the backlink profile and have convenient access to detailed data.

Through this tool, you can view the anchor text, the source URL, and even different domain types such as .com and .edu. Additionally, the platform can identify and display broken links if any are detected. There are numerous sorting options at your disposal, allowing you to explore new and lost backlinks, as well as select the desired timeframe for data analysis.

Furthermore, you can utilize various backlink attributes, such as follow or no-follow, to refine your sorting criteria. Ahrefs also offers the feature of receiving notifications whenever a competitor acquires a new backlink.

Moreover, the Content Explorer tool can assist you in identifying potential opportunities for link building. If you prefer working in Excel or need to research the contact details of websites that may serve as link opportunities, you have the option to export the data.

Keyword Research

The next part is the Keyword Research tool.

SE Ranking

When using this platform for searching, you have the option to choose between Google and Yandex. If you prefer a Russian search engine, this choice can be crucial when deciding between SE Ranking or Ahrefs. Additionally, you can narrow down your search to a specific country, and the analysis will be conducted swiftly.

The results layout is designed to be simple and user-friendly. It will be effortless to locate the information you require, and the displayed data is valuable. SE Ranking provides a difficulty score, and its graphical representation adds a nice touch.

Moreover, you can view the monthly search volumes, along with a graph displaying historical trends.

This feature can help you identify potential spikes during specific seasons. However, please note that the platform's data covers information starting from February 2020, which should be sufficient for most purposes.


The Keyword Explorer tool is readily available for you to search for specific phrases. We have observed that this tool not only searches on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo but also on platforms like YouTube, Amazon, Baidu, Daum, Seznam, and Naver.

This wide range of search options undoubtedly makes it one of the platform's strengths. For instance, if your focus is on video content, accessing information from YouTube can be particularly useful.

It is worth noting that the depth of data provided may vary depending on the platform you choose. As expected, Google offers the most comprehensive details.

Conclusion on SE Ranking Vs Ahrefs

After conducting a thorough comparison between SE Ranking vs Ahrefs, it becomes evident why these two tools are considered as some of the best online SEO platforms available.

SE Ranking distinguishes itself with its adaptable AI, enabling users to personalize link suggestions and reporting according to their specific requirements. This customization capability enhances the AI's comprehension of the user's linking needs, resulting in more pertinent recommendations.

In contrast, Ahrefs excels in backlink analysis by offering comprehensive data and valuable insights regarding the quantity and quality of backlinks.

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