Omnisend Vs Mailchimp: Which Tool is Right for You?

Email marketing remains the paramount method for enhancing customer communication, amplifying brand promotion, and fostering business expansion in 2024. Its efficacy shows no signs of waning!

For those looking to elevate their email marketing game, two prominent contenders stand out: Omnisend and Mailchimp.

But which one should you choose? Keep reading and you will find the answer.

What is Omnisend?


Established in 2014, Omnisend is a prominent sales-focused platform tailored specifically for eCommerce enterprises, driven by notable outcomes.

However, Omnisend transcends mere email marketing; it furnishes robust automation and segmentation functionalities for both email and SMS marketing endeavors. 

Moreover, boasting captivating templates, forms, popups, and more, Omnisend emerges as the optimal choice for eCommerce establishments seeking to effortlessly enhance conversion rates.

For a deeper dive into this platform, read our complete guide on Omnisend Reviews.

What is MailChimp?


Originating in the early 2000s, Mailchimp has evolved into a premier all-encompassing email marketing and automation solution, initially conceived as an economical option for nascent startups.

Since its inception, Mailchimp has amassed a user base exceeding 13 million globally, offering an extensive array of features, ranging from social media management and CRM tools to website and landing page construction capabilities.

Omnisend Vs Mailchimp: A Comparative Analysis

Registration Forms

Capturing new leads and expanding your email list relies heavily on effective registration or sign-up forms. Omnisend provides an array of attractive form templates with a streamlined process.

In contrast, Mailchimp offers multiple options, including embedded forms, popup forms, form builders, contact forms, and form integrations, each with its own form builder.

However, this approach may seem cumbersome to some users.

Landing Pages

Both Omnisend and Mailchimp offer free landing page builders, which is advantageous for small businesses without websites or those looking to promote events or offers on separate subdomains.

While Mailchimp’s landing pages allow tracking for Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, or Mailchimp’s own tracking, Omnisend provides more customization options for thank you/confirmation pages.

However, Omnisend's design customization options for landing pages are somewhat limited compared to Mailchimp.

Spam and Design Testing

Mailchimp enables users to preview designs on different clients and devices through its partnership with 'Inbox Preview' by Litmus.

However, spam testing is not available. Omnisend allows previewing designs on desktop and mobile and sending test emails but lacks the ability to preview emails on specific email clients and spam testing.

Marketing Automation

Omnisend offers pre-built marketing automation scenarios tailored for eCommerce businesses, providing easy-to-launch and monitor workflows such as welcoming users, reclaiming abandoned carts, and post-purchase engagement.

In contrast, Mailchimp’s automation is complex and extensive, requiring solid workflow automation skills. Mailchimp provides paid professional services like onboarding and customer success to assist users with automation.


Omnisend’s reports are well-organized and comprehensive, covering essential metrics such as click map, open/click rate, revenue, unsubscribed users, and issues.

Additionally, Omnisend tracks sales across various channels, including email, SMS, and push notifications, and offers a lifecycle map and customer retention report.

Mailchimp excels in reporting, tracking everything from email campaigns to social media campaigns and offering features like geolocation tracking and Content Optimizer in the Standard plan.

Customer Support

Omnisend offers live chat and email support for all subscription tiers, with priority support for Pro subscribers. Mailchimp provides multiple support channels, including email, chat, and phone calls, primarily available for paid subscribers. While Mailchimp offers a more diverse range of support options, Omnisend ensures consistent support across all subscription tiers.

In summary, both Omnisend and Mailchimp offer robust features for email marketing, but their strengths lie in different areas.

Omnisend excels in automation and segmentation for eCommerce businesses, while Mailchimp stands out in reporting and customer support. Your choice between the two platforms should align with your specific business needs and priorities.

Conclusion: Omnisend Vs Mailchimp

In conclusion, the choice between Omnisend and Mailchimp ultimately depends on the specific needs and goals of your business.

Both platforms offer a range of features for email marketing, automation, and e-commerce integration, but they have distinct strengths and weaknesses.

Omnisend stands out with its powerful omnichannel marketing capabilities, making it ideal for businesses looking to engage with customers across multiple channels such as email, SMS, push notifications, and more.

On the other hand, Mailchimp is a well-established platform known for its user-friendly interface, extensive template library, and robust reporting tools. It is a versatile option for businesses of all sizes, offering scalability and a range of pricing plans to accommodate different budgets.

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