Mailerlite Vs Convertkit: Which One is Better for Email Marketing?

There are typically two categories of email marketing tools: those designed for small businesses and those tailored for enterprise-level organizations. MailerLite is categorized under tools for small businesses, while ConvertKit, created specifically for online creators, stands out as an exception.

Which one is better?

By the end of this comparison, you should have a comprehensive grasp of their features and be able to determine which platform aligns better with your requirements.

What Is MailerLite?

Mailerlite Vs Convertkit

MailerLite is a widely utilized email marketing tool that enables more than one million customers to establish effective email campaigns.

Contrary to its name, MailerLite's features are not a simplified version of any other tool. This software offers a comprehensive range of functionalities that facilitate the expansion of your email list and the assessment of your campaigns.

It prides itself on advanced segmentation, A/B testing, and automation for email marketing. The mention of 'lite' in its name signifies MailerLite's ability to simplify these intricate features, making them user-friendly and accessible even for beginners.

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What Is ConvertKit?

Mailerlite Vs Convertkit

ConvertKit is a platform that focuses on conversions and establishing connections with your audience more efficiently. Its main purpose is to assist you in locating potential customers, transforming them into loyal supporters, and enabling you to make a living as a content creator.

The platform primarily caters to individuals in the creative field and influencers who aspire to engage their followers in a more significant and improved manner. ConvertKit takes pride in sharing the success stories of their empowered customers, which range from travel bloggers and muralists to homesteader goat farmers!

With a wide range of tools at your disposal, including the ability to create landing pages, design subscription forms, and automate email marketing, ConvertKit offers you the opportunity to transform your side-hustle into a fully-fledged career.

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Mailerlite Vs Convertkit

Convertkit Vs Mailerlite

1. Ease of Use and Editor

MailerLite and ConvertKit strive to provide a user-friendly experience, surpassing Mailchimp in terms of ease of use. Although both platforms offer simple setup processes, MailerLite stands out with its user-friendly visual editor.

Both services offer uncomplicated and intuitive dashboards. MailerLite allows users to access all the essential features directly from its straightforward dashboard, free from technical jargon.

ConvertKit also offers a straightforward interface, which may be attributed to its fewer features. However, when it comes to creating emails, MailerLite excels in comparison.

2. Design and Flexibility

MailerLite provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, unlike ConvertKit, which has a bare-bones, text-based email editor. If you wanted to edit a ConvertKit template, you’d be better off knowing some HTML/CSS.

Despite lacking design skills, MailerLite's versatility and simplicity allow users to effortlessly craft visually appealing emails with various content blocks and design choices. Access to templates is included in MailerLite's paid subscription and the 14-day premium trial.

3. Email Automation

Both MailerLite and ConvertKit offer excellent email automation features if you are planning to enjoy a day at the beach.

MailerLite provides a user-friendly visual builder that allows you to create complex workflows. These workflows can be triggered by various campaign actions, such as opens and links clicked, or specific conditions based on custom fields and segments.

Similarly, ConvertKit also offers the ability to create email sequences and visual automations based on workflows. One standout feature is the option to personalize your communications using tags for different events, such as when a user clicks a link or subscribes to a form. However, if you prefer to achieve this level of customization with MailerLite, it may require a bit more effort.

4. Registration Forms

To grow your subscriber list, it is essential to have a sign-up form. 

Both platforms offer pop-up, slide-in, and embedded forms that are user-friendly and modern.

If you prefer customization, MailerLite is the more suitable choice. Conversely, ConvertKit lacks options, making modifications a challenging task.

5. Spam and Design Testing

MailerLite offers email preview on both desktop and mobile devices, while ConvertKit only allows preview on desktop.

This limitation in ConvertKit makes it difficult to ensure email responsiveness.

Additionally, neither platform provides spam testing, but ConvertKit does check and flag emails for potentially spam-triggering links such as short URLs and PayPal links.

6. Landing Page Builder

While MailerLite provides a wide range of landing page templates and additional elements for enhancing engagement and conversions, ConvertKit only allows for basic customization such as changing colors and styles to align with your brand.

Unfortunately, ConvertKit lacks features like hyperlinking images and easily rearranging elements on the page, which are considered standard in landing page builders.

Conclusion: Mailerlite Vs Convertkit

In conclusion, MailerLite might be the better choice due to its highly equipped free plan.

However, if you prioritize granular customization and value automation and segmentation, ConvertKit proves to be the ideal platform for your requirements.

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