9 Best InVideo Alternatives: Top Choices in 2024

If you're looking for a robust online video maker, there are numerous alternatives to InVideo worth exploring.

Each of these InVideo alternatives offers distinctive features and advantages, catering to different requirements and tastes.

In this article, we'll delve into the leading alternatives to InVideo's video editing software.

What is InVideo?

InVideo is an AI-driven video editing solution offering a plethora of features for crafting polished video content. Boasting over 5000 customizable templates, it aims to streamline the video editing process.

Its AI-powered functionalities, encompassing text recognition, facial recognition, and voice recognition, empower users to fashion personalized video content effortlessly.

InVideo has garnered popularity among content creators and marketers seeking to produce top-notch videos with minimal exertion.

For more detailed information, read our full review on InVideo.

9 Best InVideo Alternatives in2024

Here are some of the top 9 alternatives to InVideo:


InVideo Alternatives

Canva is your all-in-one solution, offering a free photo editor, logo maker, and video editor within a single graphic design application!

Leverage its intuitive interface and powerful AI tools to expedite your design process. Create captivating social media posts, videos, flyers, photo collages, and video collages effortlessly using customizable templates.



Pictory is a cutting-edge video creation platform powered by artificial intelligence, designed to empower users to craft high-caliber videos seamlessly from text inputs, incorporating stock footage, music, and voiceovers.

With its assortment of templates and editing tools, users can effortlessly customize and refine their video content, integrating text, images, and music to enhance their creations. Pictory also offers comprehensive guides and instructional videos, ensuring users have the resources they need to navigate and utilize the platform effectively.

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Fliki is an AI-powered video generator, enables users to swiftly convert text-based content into polished videos, complete with professional-grade voiceovers.

What sets Fliki apart is its intuitive interface, catering to individuals without extensive video editing expertise, making the process accessible and straightforward.

Moreover, Fliki boasts an extensive library featuring over 1900 voices spanning 77 languages and dialects, offering unparalleled customization options in the realm of video creation tools.



Veed.io is a browser-based video editing platform, offering robust features like splicing, text and image overlay, filter application, and sound effects incorporation.

Primarily tailored for social media video creation, Veed.io includes an automatic subtitle feature, enhancing accessibility and engagement.

Additionally, it provides extensive support resources, including help topics, explainer videos, and ready-to-use video templates.



Synthesia is an AI-powered video creation platform, streamlining the process of producing professional-grade videos with minimal exertion. It boasts a plethora of templates tailored for crafting explainer videos, presentations, and other captivating content.

Users can enhance their videos by incorporating animations, text overlays, video clips, and images. Additionally, Synthesia facilitates the seamless integration of PowerPoint slides into video content, ensuring top-notch quality.

Furthermore, Synthesia's video creator enables users to supplement slides with speaker notes, catering to diverse language preferences and offering avatar personalization options to imbue each brand with a distinct identity.


Steve ai

Steve.AI is a video creation tool driven by artificial intelligence, offering both live and animated video creation capabilities. It boasts a diverse selection of stock footage, characters, and audio tracks, empowering users to customize their videos with ease.

With features like text layout customization, scene duration adjustment, and color templates, users can fine-tune their videos to achieve the desired look and feel.

Steve.AI prioritizes user-friendliness, providing a seamless experience for creating professional-looking videos. Its AI-powered technology and customizable options make it an ideal choice for individuals seeking to produce engaging video content without the need for advanced video editing skills.



DeepBrain is a cloud-based software created by DeepBrain AI Studios, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning to craft visually appealing videos featuring lifelike human-based avatars.

Nevertheless, the platform falls short in providing hand gestures and may offer a narrower range of avatars compared to its counterparts.

Hour One

Hour One

Hour One represents an AI-driven video generator designed to facilitate the swift and effortless creation of captivating product video content for organizations.

Users can swiftly craft engaging videos by selecting a character and theme setting, inputting their desired text, and generating a video within minutes.

Furthermore, Hour One seamlessly integrates with widely used platforms such as PowerPoint, Slack, and OneDrive, streamlining the entire video creation and publishing workflow for enhanced efficiency and convenience.



Yepic is a video creation and editing tool that allows users to make and edit multilanguage videos in 68 languages. It offers features like lip-syncing and multiple avatars for creating diverse and engaging videos.

Each of these alternatives offers unique features and strengths, catering to different needs and preferences in video creation. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced video creator, there's likely a tool on this list that will suit your needs.

Final Words on InVideo Alternative

There you have it—some of the finest alternatives to InVideo to consider.

While InVideo offers an array of excellent tools and templates for crafting diverse video content, there are numerous remarkable alternative platforms out there.

Now, let the video creation journey begin!

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