8 Best HubSpot Alternatives: Top Picks 2024

Looking for the best Hubspot alternatives? You’ve come to the right place. 

Hubspot is a prominent player in the world of sales and marketing software, earning the trust of numerous businesses with its diverse toolkit designed for customer attraction and engagement. Nevertheless, Hubspot may not always align perfectly with your business requirements.

In addition to potential cost and complexity concerns, Hubspot might not provide the precise array of tools necessary for addressing specific business needs. Hence, it's crucial to explore alternative options to Hubspot.

Before finalizing your marketing and sales software selections, ensure to peruse our comprehensive article highlighting the top Hubspot alternatives.

8 Best Hubspot Alternatives in 2024

Whether you seek an encompassing marketing solution, marketing automation software, CRM platform, or support tools, it's important to select a HubSpot alternative tailored to meet the distinct needs of your business.

1. MailChimp


Moving down the list, consider exploring MailChimp's CRM platform. Renowned for its exceptional email marketing capabilities within a CRM framework, MailChimp offers a robust toolkit for storing and managing customer data centrally.

Its pre-configured segments streamline contact management, allowing you to tailor targeted emails based on audience interests, demographics, or behavior.

Additionally, the platform's audience dashboard provides invaluable insights into target customers, including top locations, recent growth sources, common tags, and customer lifetime value (CLV), facilitating the creation of effective email marketing campaigns.

2. GetResponse


GetResponse is a popular alternative to HubSpot, offering an accessible email marketing platform suitable for all levels of online marketers.

Boasting a plethora of valuable features, it simplifies email list import and management, while its autoresponder functionality aids in email automation, saving valuable time.

Generate newsletters and campaigns effortlessly, and utilize the analytics tool to track campaign performance effectively.

With a minimalist dashboard, GetResponse offers tailored capabilities to suit your specific requirements and budget.

For more detailed information, please read our guide on Getresponse Review.

3. Pipedrive


Similar to HubSpot but with enhanced pipeline tracking and management capabilities, Pipedrive allows you to monitor every lead's progress through the sales process.

Quickly assess leads' proximity to final decisions and identify deals requiring immediate attention or further nurturing.

The platform also facilitates activity scheduling and tracking, enabling task creation, reminders, and assignment to team members to ensure seamless coordination.

Its mobile CRM feature ensures connectivity and productivity on the go, with the ability to share personalized emails and track engagement remotely.

For more detailed information about this platform, please continue reading our guide on Pipedrive Reviews.

4. Salesmate


Salesmate is a comprehensive sales solution designed to expedite prospect management and conversion across all sales phases. Leveraging advanced capabilities, it streamlines pipeline management and sales automation, catering to teams of all sizes.

With its user-friendly interface and configurable dashboard, Salesmate proves particularly popular among small businesses, offering seamless organization and tracking of bids through CRM software integration.

Collaborate efficiently with shared team inboxes and stay informed on the go with mobile access.

5. Freshsales


Freshsales is an affordable alternative to HubSpot, catering to small to midsize businesses with its intuitive CRM platform.

Offering customizable dashboards, automated workflows, and comprehensive contact and account management tools, Freshsales streamlines lead scoring, marketing automation, and detailed analytics.

Track customer journey progress through customizable deal pipelines and leverage AI-powered contact scoring to optimize engagement. Benefit from 24-hour phone and email support on weekdays, ensuring seamless assistance when needed.

6. EngageBay


Positioned as a cost-effective alternative to HubSpot, EngageBay provides integrated marketing, sales, LiveChat, and helpdesk features tailored to various business needs. Choose from bundled or standalone features, catering to CMOs, marketing managers, sales managers, small-business owners, and SMBs.

With the sales bay, efficiently manage complete sales pipelines, automate follow-ups and prospect tagging, and create precise workflows.

The marketing bay offers forms, landing pages, and email marketing tools, enabling the creation of broadcasts, drip campaigns, and automation with A/B testing capabilities.

7. Omnisend


Omnisend presents a compelling alternative to HubSpot, particularly for e-commerce email marketing and automation. Offering omnichannel marketing capabilities, Omnisend facilitates marketing across multiple channels with a focus on email and automation.

Benefit from a drag-and-drop visual email builder, pre-built templates, and robust email list growth options including landing pages, pop-ups, and lead-generation forms.

Simplify complex automation with templates and advanced segmentation, targeting customers based on profile data, campaign engagement, and shopping behavior.

You can also read Omnisend Reviews for more details.

8. Keap


Keap offers a comprehensive suite of features to support sales and marketing objectives, combining lead generation, marketing automation, email, and social media engagement tools.

With a focus on customer retention and engagement, Keap aids in growing and empowering brands' online presence through integrated e-commerce tools.

Additionally, specialized training and support empower brands to achieve their goals effectively in both digital and physical realms.

Conclusion on HubSpot Alternatives

Before signing up for Hubspot, it's crucial to explore alternative options. When evaluating HubSpot alternatives, it's essential to select a platform that aligns with your specific business requirements in terms of tools and functionalities.

Moreover, it's imperative to choose a platform that seamlessly integrates into your business workflow and fits within your budget constraints.

The tools outlined in this post are highly recommended if you’re seeking a website similar to HubSpot.

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