7 Best Grammarly Alternatives 2024: Free & Paid

Grammarly has long been a popular choice for individuals seeking to improve their writing skills, offering a robust grammar and spelling-checking service.

However, in the vast landscape of writing tools, there are Grammarly alternatives that provide unique features and functionalities.

In this post, we will explore some of the best Grammarly alternatives that can elevate your writing experience.

What is Grammarly?

Established in 2009, Grammarly stands as a sophisticated spell-checker tool that undergoes continuous enhancements, introducing new features over time.


Whether you're a job seeker, writer, entrepreneur, or student, having a dedicated tool like Grammarly in your routine is essential.

Grammarly's capabilities extend beyond basic spelling, grammar, and style suggestions. The tool provides detailed descriptions in clear language, accompanied by sample sentences to underscore identified mistakes.

In essence, Grammarly outshines the built-in grammar checker tools within Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, offering a more comprehensive and detailed approach to refining your writing.

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7 Best Grammarly Alternatives in 2024

Here are the best alternatives to Grammarly.


1. LanguageTool

LanguageTool is an open-source grammar checker that supports multiple languages. Its extensive language support sets it apart, making it an excellent choice for multilingual writers.


LanguageTool not only corrects grammar and spelling but also provides suggestions for style, tone, and clarity. Its compatibility with various platforms, including web browsers and desktop applications, ensures seamless integration into your writing workflow.

2. WordTune

WordTune presents itself as a tool dedicated to enhancing your grammar and style, offering a distinctive approach compared to other alternatives to Grammarly listed here.

Unlike functioning solely as a proofreading tool, WordTune specializes in the nuanced art of complete sentence rewrites.

By hovering over a sentence, the tool furnishes multiple suggestions for potential rephrasing, providing users with a range of alternatives to refine the structure and expression of their writing.

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3. Jasper AI

Jasper AI

Jasper stands out as one of the favored alternatives to Grammarly, especially among enthusiasts of AI writing assistants.

Originating as an AI content creation tool, Jasper has evolved into a versatile powerhouse for copywriting.

In its current iteration, Jasper crafts copy tailored to your style guide and knowledge base, employs generative AI for image creation, and constructs comprehensive end-to-end marketing campaign briefs.

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4. Ginger


Ginger has established itself as a reputable Grammarly alternative, having been in existence for a considerable duration.

This tool is adept at identifying spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, ensuring a comprehensive proofreading experience.

An outstanding feature of Ginger is its capability to audibly read your text, providing a valuable means to detect awkward sentences and peculiar phrasings. This auditory feature can also be employed to listen to articles instead of reading them, adding a unique dimension to the user experience.

5. ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid emerges as a formidable competitor to Grammarly, boasting many similar features. Beyond its core functions of grammar and spelling checks, the free version of ProWritingAid provides a glimpse into style suggestions, reserving the full spectrum for its Premium users.

What sets ProWritingAid apart are its distinctive reports, some of which Grammarly lacks. Notably, ProWritingAid offers analyses such as alliteration checks and dialogue tag evaluations. However, in the free version, these assessments are limited to the initial 500 words of your document.

ProWritingAid ensures accessibility with browser extensions tailored for Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Additionally, it introduces integrations that set it apart from Grammarly, including compatibility with Scrivener, offering users a diverse range of tools for their writing needs.

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6. Scribens


Scribens is a free and user-friendly grammar checker that focuses on accuracy and efficiency. Its real-time grammar and spelling correction feature helps users catch mistakes as they type.

Scribens also provides statistics on word count, sentence length, and other metrics to help writers maintain a balanced and engaging writing style. With no cost associated, it's an accessible option for those on a budget.

7. WhiteSmoke


WhiteSmoke offers a suite of writing tools encompassing grammar checker, style checker, plagiarism checker, and translation tools.

Although its features may be considered more basic compared to Grammarly's, WhiteSmoke boasts certain advantages in specific areas. Notably, it provides browser extensions for Safari, Opera, and Firefox, along with dedicated desktop applications compatible with both macOS and Windows.

Additionally, WhiteSmoke facilitates language translation, broadening its utility for users seeking comprehensive writing assistance.

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Final Thoughts on Grammarly Alternative

While Grammarly remains a popular choice for many writers, exploring alternatives can lead to discovering tools that better align with your specific needs and preferences.

The Grammarly alternatives mentioned above offer a range of features, from in-depth style analysis to multilingual support, providing users with diverse options to enhance their writing experience.

Ultimately, the best writing tool is the one that complements your unique writing style and helps you communicate more effectively.

Experiment with these alternatives and find the one that empowers you to produce polished and error-free content.

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