Flodesk Vs Convertkit: Email Marketing Platform Comparison 2024

Selecting the appropriate email tool can be quite challenging, especially for beginners. Flodesk and ConvertKit stand out as two of the leading options in the realm of email marketing tools. But when it comes down to it, which one reigns supreme?

In this comprehensive review, I'll thoroughly examine both Flodesk and ConvertKit, scrutinizing each of their features to determine which platform best suits your needs.

What is Flodesk?


Flodesk is a cloud-based email marketing software, meticulously crafted to streamline the complexities of crafting, dispatching, and overseeing email campaigns.

Its suite of features and tools empowers businesses to effortlessly engage with their audience, foster connections, and spur conversions.

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What is ConvertKit?


Founded in 2013 by blogger Nathan Barry, ConvertKit emerged from Barry's quest for an email marketing solution tailored to the needs of creators. Fueled by this vision, he developed a platform that resonated with online creators, boasting over half a million users today.

ConvertKit prides itself on offering a user-friendly solution equipped with essential tools to captivate and convert audiences.

Notably, it features unique niche capabilities such as facilitating the sale of digital products and subscriptions, alongside a newsletter referral system, setting it apart from other services.

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Flodesk Vs Convertkit: Who Wins in 2024

Convertkit vs Flodesk

The Email Builder

The disparity between Flodesk and ConvertKit is most pronounced in their respective email builders. Flodesk's email builder empowers users to craft stunning emails either from scratch or via a plethora of pre-designed templates. Users can personalize brand colors, fonts, and even incorporate custom layouts that surpass the offerings of other email builders.

In contrast, ConvertKit's email editor prioritizes substance over style. With minimal frills and limited styling options, users seeking extensive customization must resort to CSS code.

Ease of Use

Flodesk boasts an exceptionally intuitive and refined user interface. Streamlining tasks into minimal steps, it eliminates confusion by presenting only 2-3 options or buttons in most instances. With a clutter-free screen, the focus remains squarely on essential tasks such as creating forms or sending broadcast emails.

Conversely, ConvertKit's user interface emphasizes usability and condensing multiple functionalities onto a single screen, thereby minimizing manual work for users. This consolidated approach enables users to accomplish tasks efficiently within a unified interface.

Subscriber Tagging

In Flodesk, subscribers can only be organized into segments, with certain tags automatically applied, such as active, unsubscribed, bounced, and active within a specified timeframe.

While Flodesk's subscriber organization isn't as elaborate as ConvertKit's, it does streamline processes and reduces confusion.

In ConvertKit, subscribers can be sorted using both segments and tags. While the flexibility of these options is advantageous, it can sometimes be perplexing to determine the most appropriate sorting method due to their similar functionality.


ConvertKit boasts a wider array of native integrations compared to Flodesk, which is understandable given Flodesk's newer status in the market. Native integrations are preferred for their ease of setup and enhanced data-sharing capabilities between integrated platforms.

A/B Testing

Both Flodesk and ConvertKit lack robust A/B testing features. Flodesk does not offer any A/B testing tools, while ConvertKit only supports subject line A/B testing in broadcasts.

Customer Support

Let's examine customer support from two perspectives: channels and responsiveness.

Channels of support: Flodesk provides support via email, while ConvertKit offers in-app chat and email assistance. To our knowledge, neither platform offers phone support. Additionally, both platforms have secondary support options such as official Facebook groups and the availability of independent experts for hire to aid with setup. ConvertKit also offers a Slack channel for support.

Responsiveness: Flodesk users consistently praise the responsiveness of their customer support team. While we haven't personally contacted their support, positive feedback regarding their assistance often motivates users to switch to Flodesk.

Conclusion: Flodesk Vs Convertkit

When deciding between ConvertKit and Flodesk, your final choice will likely be influenced by your preference for aesthetics and your budget.

Flodesk's captivating email editor and attractive templates cater to those with an eye for design, whereas ConvertKit boasts a comprehensive suite of automation, segmentation, and reporting functionalities.

Both platforms continuously enhance their features, promising exciting additions in the future.

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