7 Best Zoominfo Competitors & Alternatives: Top Picks

Described as the 'Google of people,' ZoomInfo is heralded as a customer database software that opens doors to a vast array of potential customers and partners for sales and marketing teams.

Despite its efforts towards accuracy, instances of outdated information or incorrect contact details may occasionally arise.

Consequently, many sales and marketing professionals seek ZoomInfo competitors, searching for a robust sales intelligence tool capable of delivering high-quality data.

In aid of this quest, we've compiled a list of the top 7 ZoomInfo alternatives to enhance your sales outreach.

7 Best Zoominfo Competitors & Alternatives in 2024

Below are the 7 best ZoomInfo competitors that are worth trying:



Cognism is a competitor to ZoomInfo, offering a suite of services including mobile numbers, B2B emails, Bombora-powered buyer intent data, technographic insights, and sales event triggers tailored for sales and marketing departments.

Renowned for its global data accuracy and GDPR compliance focus, Cognism utilizes AI algorithms to identify and qualify potential customers, thereby optimizing sales cycles and enhancing conversion rates.

Emphasizing data protection and compliance, Cognism distinguishes itself by checking Do-Not-Call lists across various countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and other European nations. This commitment ensures access to millions of contacts while adhering to data laws.



Apollo is another ZoomInfo alternative, offering sales and marketing teams tools to connect with potential customers. Similar to Kaspr, it offers data enrichment, sales prospecting, outreach automation, analytics, and CRM integration.

Automated email campaigns aid in efficient engagement with prospects, while the incorporation of AI facilitates the creation and testing of effective messages. Users commend this feature for its time-saving capabilities.



Seamless.AI is a tool that helps companies find business contacts and close deals. 

Their Chrome Extension operates seamlessly across various platforms, including Sales Navigator, Recruiter, Salesforce, and B2B company websites, facilitating the discovery of phone numbers and email addresses prior to outreach.

Another standout feature is Seamless.AI’s Writer tool, which leverages AI to generate sales and marketing messages swiftly. This tool integrates your brand voice with prompts from their library, enabling the creation of personalized messages in mere seconds.



LeadLoft is a prospecting tool tailored for business leaders aiming to expand their reach. Its LinkedIn Prospector assists users in uncovering contact information via LinkedIn and Sales Navigator's search functionalities. The process is simplified with the Chrome Extension, allowing users to effortlessly 'save' leads.

Furthermore, LeadLoft's B2B contact database facilitates connections with angel investors, venture capitalists, family offices, and private equity firms. A variety of search filters enable users to refine target lists based on interests, location, and investor type.



SalesIntel is an alternative to ZoomInfo, offering a comprehensive sales intelligence platform. Their dedicated research team verifies the accuracy of company technographic and firmographic data, enhancing its overall precision.

SalesIntel's web app boasts features tailored to aid Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and marketers in timing their outreach effectively.

For instance, users can set up news alerts to receive emails whenever one of their target accounts is mentioned in the news. This feature ensures that messages remain highly relevant and timely.



RocketReach is a prospecting platform equipped with a powerful email and contact search feature, enabling users to effortlessly locate the email addresses and contact details of specific individuals.

This functionality is particularly advantageous for sales and marketing professionals striving to connect with key decision-makers within their target market.

Additionally, the platform offers company searches, furnishing vital insights including company size, industry, location, and key personnel. This invaluable data assists businesses in developing a comprehensive understanding of their prospective clients and identifying relevant leads.


Swordfish gives users access to phone numbers, specifically targeting decision-makers. Much like numerous competitors of ZoomInfo, it offers both a web app and a Chrome Extension for data retrieval. What sets Swordfish apart is its partnership with phone carriers, enhancing the accuracy of its contact database.

The platform boasts a plethora of features designed to refine contact lists. Its search filters encompass various criteria such as company location, presence of cell phone numbers, number of employees, industry tags, and more.

Final Words on Zoominfo Competitors

Selecting the appropriate customer database software transcends mere feature evaluation; it necessitates addressing the distinct requirements of your entire organization.

Equip your sales and marketing teams with tools that surpass Excel databases, empowering them to cultivate customer relationships and drive revenue.

With numerous outstanding alternatives to ZoomInfo available, weigh the advantages and drawbacks carefully before making a decision.

Refrain from settling for disjointed sales intelligence solutions; instead, prioritize a platform that centralizes your data, offers insightful visualizations, and fosters seamless collaboration.

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