Writesonic vs Jasper: Which One is the Best AI Writing Tool 2024

In the quest for enhanced productivity and profitability, businesses are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence, with Writesonic and Jasper emerging as two prominent AI-powered content generators.

Built on GPT-3 and OpenAI, both products have undergone Y Combinator's rigorous program, prompting a closer examination of their strengths and differences.

So, which is best? How are they even different?

Keep reading and learn more about both platforms so you can make an informed decision.

What Is Writesonic?

Writesonic, an AI writing tool, facilitates content creation at an accelerated pace through a user-friendly interface. Initially tailored for product landing pages and ad copies, it has evolved to encompass a wide range of templates and features.

Notable among them is the blog post generator, catering to diverse content needs, from blogs and product descriptions to landing pages, emails, ads, and eBooks.

With continuous updates and a growing array of mini-tools, Writesonic aims to streamline content creation, offering solutions for diverse writing requirements.

From Niche Finder's Website Audit tool, Writesonic was set up in 2021, and now it can gain 4.8 million visitors each month.

What Is Jasper?

Jasper, an artificial intelligence designed to streamline content creation across various genres, was co-founded by Chris Hull, a renowned content marketer, in January 2021.

Notably, on June 29, 2021, Jasper underwent a significant transition, rebranding from its former identity, Conversion.ai, to Jasper.

This transformation followed the acquisition and merger with two companies, Shortly and Headlime. Notably, the software's brand name was also changed from Jarvis to Jasper.

Recognized as one of the premier AI copywriting tools in the content marketing industry, Jasper boasts a user base of over 10,000 content writers and marketers who rely on its capabilities to generate high-quality copy efficiently.

For more in-depth information about Jasper, read my complete Jasper review.

From Website Audit, Jasper AI was built earlier, and now has 3 million monthly visits.


Writesonic Vs Jasper: What Is The Difference?

Jasper and Writesonic share some common features, yet they diverge significantly in various aspects.

We will explore the performance of each platform across categories such as AI technology, user experience, supported languages, educational content, and other distinguishing factors.

AI Technology

Jasper VS Writesonic

The foundational technology propelling Jasper and Writesonic is Open AI's GPT-3, enabling the generation of text based on provided input.

While various language models support diverse AI content generators, GPT stands out as the widely adopted large language model across multiple platforms. Further insights into GPT-3 can be explored in my comprehensive GPT-3 guide.

Since both Jasper and Writesonic leverage the same technology as their primary text generator, the discernible differences in output are minimal.

Any distinctions primarily revolve around speed and additional features that might offer a slight advantage to one over the other.

Features and Templates

Let's evaluate the features provided by Writesonic and Jasper. Both platforms offer extensive functionalities and templates to cater to a wide array of use cases. Similar features include AI templates or recipes, a chatbot, and an image generator.

Jasper's prowess in customizing content surpasses that of Writesonic. While Writesonic incorporates a "Brand Voice" feature, I observed minimal distinction with or without its use.

Jasper stands out with an integrated plagiarism checker in its AI writing environment, enhancing its capacity to create SEO-friendly content—a noteworthy advantage over Writesonic.

However, Writesonic excels in integrations compared to Jasper. It allows you to directly publish generated content on your WordPress site and facilitates the creation of custom APIs for seamless integrations if required. The clean UI and straightforward content-writing steps of Writesonic further contribute to its appeal.

Languages Supported

For individuals engaged in multi-language projects or managing businesses with a global audience focus, both Jasper and Writesonic offer support for various languages in copywriting.

This feature unlocks new possibilities when utilizing these AI writing tools, given their capacity to cater to over 20 languages. Jasper extends support to 26 languages, while Writesonic covers 24. The seamless transition between supported languages within the tools makes it easy to generate content in the desired language.

In Jasper, users can effortlessly alter the output language across different features provided by the platform. For those seeking a consistent language setting, the option is available in the settings for convenient customization.

User Experience 

The effectiveness of a tool with a myriad of features hinges on the user experience, and in this aspect, both Jasper and Writesonic excel.

They share similarities in terms of templates, documents, styles, and more, offering users a seamless and enjoyable content creation journey.

Jasper presents users with a main page featuring distinct sections: Jasper Chat, Workflows, News, and Refer your Friend (offering bonus credits for referrals). Navigating through various options, such as projects, documents, templates, recipes, chat, art, and more, is effortless using the left sidebar.

The design is not only familiar but also aligns with established web conventions, ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly experience for effortlessly creating compelling content.

Customer Support

Both Writesonic and Jasper prioritize delivering excellent service to their users. Jasper distinguishes itself with exceptionally responsive tech support, complemented by a wealth of resources, including numerous YouTube tutorials, an engaged Facebook community, and comprehensive documentation tailored to user needs.

Similarly, Writesonic offers valuable documentation for all its tools. However, in certain instances, it may be outdated or display inconsistencies, potentially impacting the user experience to a certain extent.

Despite this, both platforms strive to support their users effectively through accessible information and assistance channels.

Conclusion on Jasper vs Writesonic

Choosing between Writesonic and Jasper depends on individual needs.

Both platforms offer a broad range of functionalities, with Writesonic excelling in integrations and Jasper standing out in content customization and SEO-friendly features.

Each platform has its unique strengths, making them both formidable choices in the realm of AI content creation.

The decision ultimately rests on aligning the tool's capabilities with specific content creation goals and preferences.

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