What is AI Video? Everything You Need to Know

AI has become a prominent subject of discussion in recent times, making its way into various aspects of our daily routines, spanning work, home, and media. But do you know what is AI video?

AI video refers to a video generated entirely by artificial intelligence, either from the ground up or by leveraging an existing video clip as a foundation for subsequent computer-driven alterations.

Keep reading and find out more about AI videos.

What is AI video?

In essence, AI video refers to video content that is generated by AI—whether from the ground up or by utilizing an existing video clip as a foundation for subsequent computer-driven manipulations.

AI can be applied to video creation in two primary ways:

1. Creating an AI video from scratch

This involves the complete process of video generation through AI text-to-video generators. These tools typically generate compelling videos based on various inputs such as text, images, or descriptions.

A common application is text-to-speech, enabling the creation of training videos, promotional content, how-to guides, and more.

With AI video generators, the need for cameras, actors, and microphones is eliminated, allowing users to craft videos directly from their browsers.

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2. AI can also be used to only partially manipulate a video

In this scenario, AI is employed to make selective changes to pre-existing video footage.

Common examples of AI in video editing include enhancing video sharpness, smoothing motion, reducing background noise, improving audio clarity, and adjusting aspect ratios.

AI Video Generator Trends in 2024

What is AI Video

The landscape of AI video generation is rapidly evolving, and here are some cutting-edge trends to keep an eye on this year:

1. Text-to-Video Advancements

Generating lifelike videos from textual input is reaching new heights of sophistication.

Tools such as Synthesia and Invideo now empower users to craft explainer videos, product demonstrations, and engaging social media clips featuring AI-powered avatars delivering the intended message.

This trend is particularly beneficial for businesses and creators seeking a swift and effortless means to produce high-quality video content. The concept aligns with the input: output model akin to Snapshot AI Videos.

2. Multimodal AI Integration

AI models are transcending the confines of video data alone. They are now adept at amalgamating information from text, audio, and images to create more intricate and nuanced video experiences.

Imagine a video editor that intelligently suggests music and animations based on the emotional tone of your footage or a news AI that tailors news content according to your interests derived from viewing history.

3. Hyper-personalization in Video Content

AI is increasingly employed to personalize video content for individual viewers. This entails dynamically adjusting the video based on the viewer's demographics, location, or even facial expressions. Picture an advertisement that alters its message based on whether the viewer is smiling or frowning, enhancing the viewer's engagement and connection.

4. Democratization of Video Creation

AI-driven video generation tools are becoming more accessible and budget-friendly, democratizing the process of creating professional-looking videos.

This accessibility is ushering in new creative possibilities for individuals, small businesses, and educators alike, making video content creation easier and more inclusive than ever before.

Conclusion on What is AI Video

AI video generators are transforming the landscape of video content creation, introducing automation that brings efficiency, customization, and personalization to the forefront of the process.

With applications spanning marketing, advertising, education, and entertainment, the influence of AI video generators is extensive and continually growing.

While the evolution of this technology opens up new avenues for businesses, educators, and content creators, it is imperative to address potential challenges and uphold responsible and ethical practices.

In shaping the future of video content creation, AI video generators offer unprecedented opportunities across various domains.

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