Textcortex Review 2024: Is It a Good AI Content Generation Tool?

Are you in quest of a robust AI assistant to enhance your productivity? TextCortex asserts its ability to achieve precisely that by employing AI content generation, promising efficiency without compromising quality in your tasks.

However, the question lingers – does it deliver on its claims, or will you invest as much time refining prompts and rephrasing the content it produces?

In this TextCortex review, we aim to delve into every aspect of the tool to assist you in evaluating whether it stands as a suitable solution for your specific requirements.

What Is TextCortex AI?

TextCortex is an AI assistant designed to automate tasks, enhance content creation processes, and provide answers to queries. It distinguishes itself as more than a typical writing assistant, earning recognition as one of Europe's top 200 AI startups.

Whether you seek assistance with projects, specific tasks, or overall productivity improvement, TextCortex aims to cater to your needs.

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Key Features of TextCortex


TextCortex boasts several key features to enhance user experience:

1. Personalization

TextCortex offers a fully personalized tool. Upon creating an account, users respond to a series of questions, enabling TextCortex to tailor the tool to their specific needs. This customization sets it apart as a user-friendly addition.

2. Knowledge Bases

The Knowledge Bases tab allows users to input "knowledge connectors" to teach the tool the desired tone of voice. This feature is beneficial for personalizing the user experience based on existing content or competitor styles.

3. Individual Personas

Users can build individual personas, contributing to an improved AI experience and content generation tailored to their style. While a free account allows one avatar creation, additional avatars require a subscription upgrade to Pro or Business accounts.

What Types of Content Can You Create With TextCortex?

TextCortex offers various content creation tools, though some are accessible only through paid subscriptions:

1. Blogs

Generate blog content with specified keywords or phrases. The free account limits content generation to 200 words, restricting its utility for comprehensive articles.

2. Product Descriptions

Craft content specifically designed for product descriptions. This tool is available only with a paid subscription.

3. Instagram Descriptions

Create Instagram descriptions tailored for social media pages. Similar to other features, this tool is not available on a free subscription.

4. YouTube Captions

Generate content for YouTube captions, aligning with your video titles. Accessible through paid subscriptions.

5. Email Body Copy

Tailor content for email marketing purposes. This tool is exclusive to paid subscribers.

6. Outreach Emails

Streamline the creation of content suitable for outreach emails. This feature is available with paid subscriptions.

Who is TextCortex Best For?

TextCortex appears tailored for small marketing teams, business owners, or solo workers aiming to streamline content creation across various platforms.

The tool targets individuals who seek efficiency in content generation, enabling them to allocate time and effort to other crucial aspects of their business. It is ideal for those in need of support in brainstorming marketing ideas and transforming them into engaging content.

TextCortex Pricing Plan

TextCortex's pricing starts at $24.99 with unlimited credits. Compared to competitors like Jasper AI and Rytr, TextCortex proves competitive, especially for users generating over 20,000 words per month.

The Free Plan, offering 10 free creations per day without requiring a credit card, provides a solid entry point.

Final Words on Textcortex Review

In conclusion, TextCortex stands out as a well-designed platform with a range of useful tools. While some features are behind a paywall, the user interface suggests their value for small business owners.

However, the platform lacks certain features offered by competitors, such as outline generators, SEO support, and the ability to generate longer-form content.

The absence of long-form article and blog content generation may hinder TextCortex's ability to distinguish itself in the competitive landscape of marketing tools.


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