What is Suno AI? How to Use it For Music Creation?

Have you ever wanted to create your own music, but felt held back by your lack of musical skills or knowledge? Suno AI is here to change that. With Suno AI, you can bring your musical ideas to life without needing to play an instrument or read sheet music.

This cutting-edge software is democratizing music creation, making it possible for anyone to pursue their dream of making music.

In this guide, you'll discover how to harness the power of Suno AI to craft personalized music compositions straight from your imagination and experiences.


Suno is an AI music generator that crafts original songs, complete with lyrics and beats, based on a text prompt. It's accessible through its dedicated website or via a third-party plug-in on Microsoft Copilot.

What distinguishes Suno from other music-generating models is its comprehensive approach. While platforms like Meta's AudioCraft and Google's MusicFX focus on music creation alone, Suno goes further by also generating original lyrics and vocals.

This inclusivity reflects Suno's overarching mission to democratize music production, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds and levels of musical expertise.

"Whether you're a shower singer or a charting artist, we break barriers between you and the song you dream of making," Suno says on its website.

With its user-friendly interface and no-cost signup requirement, Suno makes music creation accessible to all.

4 Key Features of Suno AI

Suno AI offers a range of innovative features designed specifically for music creation, leveraging its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to empower musicians, producers, and enthusiasts alike.

Below are some key features of Suno AI for music creation:

1. Natural Language Composition

Suno AI enables users to compose music using natural language commands or descriptions.

By simply describing the desired mood, genre, instrumentation, or specific musical elements, users can instruct Suno AI to generate original compositions tailored to their preferences.

2. Style Transfer and Adaptation

Suno AI can analyze existing music tracks or compositions provided by users and extract stylistic elements such as rhythm, melody, and harmony.

It can then apply these stylistic features to generate new compositions that reflect the desired style or genre while maintaining originality.

3. Real-time Collaboration

Suno AI facilitates real-time collaboration between multiple users, allowing musicians and producers to collaborate remotely on music projects.

Users can share ideas, exchange musical elements, and co-create compositions using Suno AI's collaborative features.

4. Intelligent Music Generation

Leveraging machine learning algorithms, Suno AI can generate music compositions autonomously based on user input or preferences.

It can analyze patterns in existing music data and use this knowledge to generate original compositions that adhere to musical conventions while exploring new creative possibilities.


After setting up your account, kickstart your music-making journey by heading over to suno.ai. There, simply input a prompt into the designated text box describing the vibe you're aiming for and the lyrical theme you prefer.

Suno provides sample prompts like "A lively dance track expressing eagerness to reunite" or "An upbeat melody celebrating endless nights of dancing."

Within seconds, Suno will create the song with lyrics, music, and a beat.

Who is Suno AI For?

Suno.ai is ideal for language educators and students seeking innovative methods to incorporate music into language learning.

It is a platform for students to craft personalized songs in their target language, nurturing creativity and enhancing engagement.

Moreover, Suno.ai is valuable for educators aiming to integrate authentic target language music into their teaching materials, as well as for students lacking musical training but desiring to participate in music creation.

Is Suno AI Free?

Suno AI provides a free plan alongside pro and premier options. The free plan grants 50 credits daily, equivalent to 10 songs, while the pro membership offers 2,500 credits per month or 500 songs.

The premier plan boasts 10,000 credits monthly, equivalent to 2,000 songs, with automatic renewal. The pro plan is priced at $8 per month, while the premier plan costs $24 per month, both billed annually.

A notable distinction between the free and paid tiers lies in copyright ownership. Suno AI retains the copyright of compositions generated under the free plan, whereas users retain rights for songs produced under the paid plans.

Additionally, creators can purchase extra credits. While the free plan allows for two concurrent tasks, the paid plans permit ten simultaneous jobs.

Final Words on Suno AI

In summary, Suno AI Music, a joint venture between Microsoft and Suno AI introduced in 2023, represents an innovative tool converting text prompts into personalized 60-second songs using AI technology.

Primarily targeted at language educators and students aiming to enrich language learning through music, it remains accessible to anyone intrigued by music creation.

Users can furnish detailed prompts to guide the AI in song generation, specifying mood, genre, and even particular instruments. Its intuitive platform features a text-based interface, simplifying song creation for individuals without musical expertise.

With both free and paid plans available, Suno AI Music offers a creative and interactive avenue to explore music and language, empowering users to craft, experiment with, and share their AI-generated compositions.

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