Beatoven AI Review 2024: Features, Pros & Cons and More is an AI-driven music generator crafted specifically to furnish content creators with distinctive and royalty-free background music.

In a matter of simple steps, users can effortlessly choose a genre, fine-tune the mood, and entrust the AI to fashion bespoke music tracks perfectly suited to their content.

Continue reading to delve deeper into's standout features, advantages, drawbacks, and insightful review, empowering you to make an informed choice and streamline your music composition process with tailor-made, copyright-free music.

What is

beatoven-ai is a powerful audio editing tool for content creators, musicians, and sound engineers alike.

Harnessing cutting-edge AI music generation techniques, it crafts bespoke music compositions tailored to any project's mood and style.

Whether you're crafting a podcast, producing a video, or composing a song, ensures that your audio shines with creativity and allure.

With a plethora of options at your fingertips, from genre selection to tempo and mood adjustments, you have the freedom to customize the music to perfectly complement your project's vision, granting you full control over the final outcome.

Moreover, the music generated by is inherently royalty-free, alleviating any concerns about copyright issues and enabling seamless integration into your creative endeavors. stands as the quintessential solution for content creators and musicians seeking to infuse their audio with a professional edge, elevating their projects to new heights of excellence.

4 Key Features of Beatoven AI


1. Genre Variety: Select from a range of 8 diverse genres to align perfectly with your content's theme.

2. Mood Personalization: Explore 16 distinct moods to set the precise tone you envision.

3. AI Composition: Effortlessly initiate the composition process and allow Beatoven's AI to generate a bespoke track tailored specifically for you.

4. Production-Ready Music: Obtain tracks with professional-grade mixing and mastering, primed for immediate utilization.

Pros and Cons of Beatoven AI

Below are the pros and cons of Beatoven AI based on customer reviews.

Beatoven AI Pros

1. User-Friendly Interface
2. Real-Time AI Music Generation
3. Customizable Music Creation
4. Collaboration Opportunities
5. Earning Potential for Artists
6. Flexible API for Software Integration

Beatoven AI Cons

1. Limited Music Genre Selection
2. Reduced Control Over Specific Musical Details
3. Varied Quality of AI-Generated Music
4. May Not Cater to Advanced Music Producers
5. Monthly Subscription Fee

Beatoven Pricing Plan

Beatoven offers a transparent pricing model tailored to accommodate diverse requirements, ensuring accessibility for both individuals and creators seeking to leverage AI-driven music generation:

Free Trial

Target Audience: Ideal for individuals seeking an initial experience with the platform.


1. Unlimited track creation.

2. Access to instrument selection, volume dynamics, all genres, tempos, and emotions.

Ability to incorporate multiple emotions within a track.

Pro Plan

Pricing: $3 per month.

Target Audience: Recommended for creators generating 2 or more videos monthly.


1. All benefits of the Free Trial.

2. 15 minutes of monthly downloads.

3. License for downloaded music.

4. Attribution to required in videos.

5. Access to stem downloads and latest features.

6. Prohibits reselling and distribution to streaming platforms (e.g., Spotify, SoundCloud).

7. Registering tracks on Content ID is not permitted.

Conclusion on Beatoven AI

For video and podcast creators aiming to enrich their content with music that amplifies their projects, Beatoven AI is an exceptional solution.

Businesses, spanning corporate communication and beyond, frequently produce videos for diverse purposes, spanning marketing, advertising, education, and beyond.

In this landscape, Beatoven AI emerges as a crucial component of their music creation workflow, offering a straightforward avenue to access exclusive music through easy licensing.

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