7 Best Speechify Alternatives in 2024: Top Picks

Looking for Speechify alternatives? Then you have come to the right place.

Speechify, an advanced text-to-speech software, excels at converting written text into lifelike speech.

Despite Speechify's remarkable capabilities, it's essential to consider various options to stay abreast of evolving technology and cater to individual preferences and requirements.

What is Speechify?

Speechify is a reading app and Chrome extension designed to enhance reading in two primary ways: by improving reading speed and aiding individuals with reading challenges like ADHD and dyslexia.

While its cloud-based solution has limitations in generating new speech, Speechify provides a text-to-speech API tailored for businesses. This API enhances engagement and accessibility for content publishers.

The app boasts diverse customization features, encompassing multiple playback speeds, text highlighting, natural-sounding voice accents, and the inclusion of celebrity voices.

7 Best Speechify Alternatives in 2024

Here are the seven best alternatives to Speechify.

1. Fliki

Speechify Alternatives 

Fliki is an AI-based text-to-speech tool that not only converts text to speech but also transforms it into videos. Leveraging AI and machine learning, Fliki produces high-quality audio resembling human speech.

With over 1900 voices supporting 75 languages and 100+ dialects, Fliki is an affordable solution for diverse audio and video content needs, including voiceovers, podcasts, audiobooks, and video creation.

For more details, read our full reviews on Fliki.

2. Murf AI

Murf AI

Murf AI is an advanced voice-generation tool using AI technology to produce realistic voiceovers. With a user-friendly interface and a library of 130+ AI voices in multiple languages and accents, Murf allows customization of tone, pitch, and delivery.

Offering features like Voice Changer, Voice Editing, Time Syncing, and a Grammar Assistant, Murf empowers users to create high-quality voiceovers effortlessly.

You can also read Murf AI reviews for more information.

3. Resemble


Resemble utilizes AI to clone and generate synthetic voices in real-time. It caters to specific use cases like advertisements, dialogue audio, brand voices for virtual assistants, and instant language dubbing.

Businesses can create custom brand voices for virtual assistants, and Resemble offers four synthetic voice-generating options, a diverse voice actor library, language dubbing, and easy text generation for advertisements.

4. Typecast


Typecast combines AI technology with voice generation and video editing. It serves diverse audiences, allowing the creation of content such as audiobooks, educational videos, sales videos, documentaries, and training videos.

Typecast Audio enables text-to-speech audio generation with over 300 voices, while Typecast Video integrates AI speech synthesis into videos, creating virtual characters with adjustable facial expressions.

5. PlayHT


Play.ht is a web-based platform offering high-quality text-to-speech services. With a user-friendly interface, it supports over 907 AI voices in 142 languages, enabling quick speech generation with customizable tone and pronunciation.

Play.ht also provides podcast hosting capabilities and allows users to convert WordPress blog posts directly into audio files using a dedicated plugin.

For more details, read our complete guide on PlayHT AI.

6. NaturalReader


NaturalReader is a renowned text-to-speech tool that transforms textual content into a natural-sounding voice.

Supporting various text formats, it boasts a vast collection of top-notch voices in multiple languages. Users can personalize the voices' style and speed, adding another level of customization to enhance the listening experience.

7. Lovo

Lovo.ai, an AI-powered text-to-speech software, caters to applications like animation voiceovers, eLearning, audio ads, audiobooks, and gaming. With two main modules - Lovo Studio and Lovo API - it offers voice AI solutions for marketing and customer service needs.

Lovo enables users to create custom voices that sound human, breaking language barriers and establishing brand identity. The platform supports real-time text-to-speech conversion in 33 different languages.

Final Words on Speechify Alternatives

Individuals or businesses, regardless of size, can utilize these Speechify alternatives to generate authentic-sounding voice-overs for various purposes such as YouTube videos, training content, online courses, podcasts, audiobooks, marketing materials, and advertisements.

With options spanning various ages, styles, accents, and languages, you can tailor the voice to meet your specific requirements.

Moreover, these alternative tools to Speechify offer user-friendly interfaces, sleek designs, and a range of features. This makes them indispensable tools for both creators and businesses aiming to swiftly produce compelling voice-overs

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