7 Top Pipedrive Alternatives That Are Worth Trying 2024

Pipedrive's popularity stems from its laser focus on sales. However, this specialization comes with certain compromises. If your team requires extensive marketing automation features, Pipedrive may not meet your needs.

Additionally, if you're seeking robust reporting capabilities, you'll need to explore other options. But if Pipedrive isn't meeting all your requirements, don't worry—we're here to assist you!

In this article, we'll explore the top Pipedrive alternatives to aid you in selecting the best CRM solution for your business.

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a sales-oriented customer relationship management (CRM) software crafted to assist businesses in lead and deal management, communication tracking, and task automation.


It proves to be an excellent option for small to medium-sized enterprises seeking to oversee their sales pipeline and simplify sales operations through straightforward, visually intuitive CRM software.

7 Top Pipedrive Alternatives in 2024

Here are the seven best alternatives to Pipedrive.



Like a Swiss Army knife of CRM software, HubSpot boasts powerful and user-friendly features tailored to closing deals. Its journey begins with nurturing and tracking lead generation efforts, complemented by real-time alerts regarding customer behaviors.

Personalizing and managing email campaigns effortlessly is facilitated with actionable insights from customer data. With a clear and customizable dashboard, HubSpot ensures transparency in the sales pipeline, enabling swift identification of high-value leads.

Moreover, HubSpot's automation streamlines the deal-sealing process, alleviating workload burdens. Notably, all core CRM tools are provided free of charge.

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EngageBay is an all-in-one digital marketing and CRM solution, offering a feature-rich and versatile platform for marketing automation, sales planning, and customer support.

Geared towards small businesses and startups, EngageBay emphasizes scalability and adaptability, with its CRM offering always free to use. Widely embraced, EngageBay ranks among the top alternatives to Pipedrive.



Salesforce is a top-tier sales and CRM software, that delivers a seamless experience conducive to exponential sales growth.

It serves as a common alternative to Pipedrive within the enterprise niche, offering high customization, a broad ecosystem, extensive integration options with third-party tools, scalability, and a wide range of sales features.

While its reliability is notably high, Salesforce plans range from $25 to $300 per month per user, making it pricier than Pipedrive but offering enhanced functionality.



Zoho offers a scalable solution catering to businesses of all sizes, encompassing sales solutions such as SalesIQ, CRM, bookings, forms, and pipeline management through Bigin.

Its suite of marketing tools includes campaign assistance, forms, surveying, social media management, webinar tools, and website conversion personalization and optimization. 



Insightly presents a versatile CRM solution for achieving multiple sales goals, featuring high-end lead routing, workflow automation, and comprehensive tracking functionalities.

Comparable to Pipedrive in ecosystem, integration, scalability, and reliability, Insightly offers greater customization options.

Its plans range from $29 to $99 per month per user, with a popular plan priced at $49 per month per user.



Monday is a cloud-based project management platform with dedicated sales and CRM features, increasingly preferred by small sales teams accustomed to using spreadsheets for lead tracking.

It offers extensive integration possibilities and customizable organization options, though it leans more towards task and project management compared to Pipedrive.

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Capsule is a user-friendly CRM solution aiding businesses in maintaining organization, deepening understanding of their customers, and effectively managing relationships.

Its design prioritizes simplicity without compromising on power, rendering it an excellent option tailored for small to medium-sized enterprises.

Conclusion on Pipedrive Alternative 

Pipedrive is an economical option with a diverse array of sales automation features aimed at enhancing overall ROI. However, there are certain factors to ponder before selecting it.

Potential scalability issues may disrupt business continuity, particularly during transitions from small to medium-sized enterprises to larger corporations. Its strong focus on sales can be both advantageous and limiting, depending on specific requirements.

Hence, many seek alternatives to Pipedrive, and we've compiled a list of the seven best options for your consideration. This makes it simpler to choose the most suitable solution for your organization based on your specific needs.

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