8 Best Fireflies AI Free Alternatives 2024: Top Picks

If you've been exploring Fireflies.ai alternatives, you're in the right place.

While Fireflies.ai serves as a commendable AI meeting tool, facilitating automated meeting notes and team collaboration, upon signing up, you might find its interface confusing and lacking in meeting your requirements.

We understand the challenge of finding an alternative that meets all your criteria, without wasting time testing numerous similar products available in the market.

Don't worry! We've carefully selected the 8 best Fireflies.ai alternatives to streamline your options.

What is Fireflies AI?


Fireflies AI is an AI-driven tool capable of transcribing, summarizing, searching, and analyzing voice conversations across a range of video-conferencing applications and dialers, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and RingCentral.

Beyond just generating meeting records, it employs conversation intelligence to analyze metrics like topic trends, speaker talk time, and sentiments. These insights empower teams to conduct more effective meetings and make decisions based on data.

8 Top Fireflies AI Alternatives

Here are the eight best alternatives to Fireflies.

1. Fellow


Fellow offers a comprehensive meeting management solution with automated transcriptions and an array of intuitive features.

What sets Fellow apart is its holistic approach to meetings, going beyond transcription to assist users throughout the entire meeting lifecycle. Alongside automated transcriptions, Fellow allows for collaborative, customizable meeting agendas to keep discussions organized and on track.

With Fellow, users can easily capture meeting minutes, prompt discussions, assign action items, follow up with teammates, and provide feedback.

2. Anchor AI


Anchor AI simplifies note-taking by eliminating the need for manual transcription. By inviting Anchor AI to your Zoom meetings and hitting record, you gain access to streamlined, annotated meeting notes.

Anchor AI's AI-powered automatic note-taking tool meticulously captures every word, allowing you and your team to fully engage in discussions without worrying about transcription.

Best of all, Anchor AI offers free sign-up, making it accessible to all users.

3. Otter


Otter.ai is a well-known AI meeting notes tool and a reliable alternative to Fireflies.ai. If you prioritize quick transcription, Otter.ai is an excellent choice.

While Fireflies.ai offers rich features, Otter.ai excels in providing instant meeting transcriptions and skimmable AI summaries.

If AI insights aren't a priority for you and you're focused on converting voice to text efficiently, Otter.ai is the ideal solution.

4. Beenote


Beenote streamlines meeting management, enabling users to organize and conduct efficient meetings and follow up on tasks to achieve objectives.

Like other tools on this list, Beenote offers automatic meeting note-taking or transcription capabilities.

With flexible plans and pricing, Beenote allows users to tailor their plans to suit their needs.

5. Temi

Temi serves as a personal assistant, converting audio and video files into text effortlessly. Using automated speech-to-text algorithms, Temi stitches text to original audio and video files, making them searchable, editable, and shareable.

With Temi, users can simply upload files, enter their email address, and access transcripts via email or the Temi dashboard.

While the first file with Temi is free, subsequent files incur a flat rate of $0.25 per audio minute.

6. Avoma


Avoma is a comprehensive AI meeting assistant that covers scheduling, agenda creation, automated note-taking, and post-meeting analysis.

Notable for its conversation analytics features, Avoma extracts valuable insights from meetings to inform decision-making.

Targeting small and medium-sized businesses, Avoma excels in UX interviews, sales calls, and customer meetings.

7. Grain


Grain offers an impressive feature called "highlight," allowing users to create meeting clips effortlessly. Perfect for sharing important segments with team members, Grain's highlight feature enhances collaboration.

Similar to Fireflies.ai's soundbites, Grain provides an intuitive and seamless experience, enabling users to create clips during calls.

8. Airgram


Airgram provides a comprehensive meeting workflow solution with AI-powered assistance.

Users can create agendas, allocate time slots, record meetings, produce real-time transcripts, and highlight significant moments.

While lacking video editing and hosting features, Airgram seamlessly integrates with major video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

Final Words: Fireflies AI Free Alternative

Meetings have become essential in the workplace, but maximizing their utility requires the best AI transcription tools. However, determining what's 'best' depends on factors such as budget, team size, desired features, and more.

This comprehensive guide to Fireflies.ai alternatives encompasses apps with diverse features and functionalities. Since many of the AI tools listed offer free versions or trials, you have the opportunity to experiment and find the app that best suits your requirements.

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