7 Best Campaign Monitor Alternatives 2024: Top Picks

Although Campaign Monitor ranks among the top email marketing platforms, its absence of pre-designed automation workflow templates frequently prompts users to seek alternative platforms for their email campaigns.

Fortunately, there are many Campaign Monitor alternatives that offer all the essential features necessary for running successful email campaigns.

In this article, we will explore the leading alternatives to Campaign Monitor, enabling you to automate your email campaigns and enhance customer conversion rates.

7 Best Campaign Monitor Alternatives 2024

Here are the seven best alternatives to Campaign Monitor that are worth trying.



ActiveCampaign is an outstanding alternative for businesses seeking advanced automation capabilities beyond Campaign Monitor. With its robust features, this platform elevates marketing efforts to new heights.

Its visual automation builder enables the creation of intricate, personalized workflows tailored to engage customers at every journey stage.

From targeted emails triggered by specific events to dynamically adjusting content based on behavior, ActiveCampaign offers precision and customization that set it apart.

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Mailchimp is an excellent Campaign Monitor alternative for businesses aiming to scale their email marketing endeavors.

Notable for its efficiency in handling large subscriber lists, Mailchimp ensures seamless scalability without compromising performance.

Offering a comprehensive suite of email marketing tools, it supports businesses across various growth stages.

From automated workflows to advanced segmentation and e-commerce integration, Mailchimp provides a holistic solution for scaling email marketing efforts.

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Brevo is an exceptional alternative to Campaign Monitor, particularly for SMS marketing strategies. Its focus on SMS automation and personalization enhances engagement through targeted messaging.

With robust automation tools and a user-friendly interface, Brevo simplifies the creation and management of SMS campaigns, optimizing efficiency and effectiveness.



ConvertKit is a comprehensive email marketing platform renowned for its intuitive interface and excellent list management capabilities.

With seamless integration with various third-party tools, it offers ease of migration and flexibility for creators.

ConvertKit's user-friendly features make it a preferred choice among over 500,000 creators, facilitating efficient email marketing endeavors.



GetResponse is also a good alternative, especially for businesses emphasizing event management and online marketing.

Its robust event management capabilities streamline processes from event creation to registration and payment processing.

Additionally, GetResponse's advanced online marketing tools, including landing page builders and webinar hosting, offer a comprehensive approach to engaging audiences across multiple channels.

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Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Established in 1995, Constant Contact operates as an AI-powered email marketing platform, aiding digital marketers in crafting and dispatching targeted emails to their desired audience, thereby boosting conversion rates and subscriber retention.

Differing from Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact offers a mobile application, that facilitates campaign management on the move. Additionally, its social marketing feature empowers users to captivate and interact with potential leads effectively.



Benchmark is email marketing software tailored for startups and small businesses, enabling users to craft and distribute impactful newsletters to their audience, thereby amplifying conversion rates and fostering engagement.

Praised for its prompt and helpful customer support, Benchmark also stands out for its sophisticated lead-scoring capabilities, tracking customer journeys throughout the sales funnel to facilitate targeted messaging.

Final Thoughts on Campaign Monitor Alternatives

With all these Campaign Monitor alternatives, you might find yourself overwhelmed when deciding on the right tools for your email campaigns.

When making your selection, opt for a platform that facilitates multiple channels, expanding your customer touchpoints. While you might not require additional channel support presently, it could prove instrumental in maintaining competitiveness in the foreseeable future.

Furthermore, prioritize platforms offering pre-designed email templates and readily accessible automation workflows. These features streamline the campaign creation process, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.v

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