7 Best Free AI Image Generator in 2024: Top Picks

If you've ever scoured Google endlessly in search of an elusive image to no avail, AI might just come to your rescue.

With the best free AI Image generator, you have the freedom to input a prompt as precise or broad as you desire, catering to a multitude of needs, and witness the desired image materialize on your screen in an instant.

These tools can help with branding, crafting social media content, assembling vision boards, designing invitations, flyers, greeting cards, and beyond.

What is an AI image Generator?

An AI image generator driven by text operates precisely as the name suggests. It's a tool powered by artificial intelligence that takes a textual prompt, interprets it, and generates an image that closely aligns with the provided description. It's important not to conflate these generators with AI image-sourcing tools.

AI photo generation stands apart from sourcing. While image-sourcing tools facilitate searching and downloading existing images from various platforms, an AI image generator produces entirely new images that don't exist in reality.

7 Best Free AI Image Generators 2024

Here are the best free AI Image generators you can try out right now.

Canva Text to Image

Best Free AI Image Generator

Canva stands as a widely-used online graphic design platform that facilitates the creation of various assets such as social media posts, videos, banners, logos, ads, resumes, and more.

Recently, Canva has incorporated numerous AI features into its platform, including an AI image generator that operates on the Stable Diffusion model.

For more detailed information about AI generators, read our complete guide on Canva AI review.

Human Generator AI

Human Generator AI

The Human Generator enables the creation of high-quality, lifelike images featuring individuals with diverse characteristics, making it an ideal tool for human-centered designs. Notably, it doesn't solely generate standard human images but also offers a variety of styles including Halloween, Christmas, Barbie, and more.

Furthermore, it can produce characters from renowned movies, games, cartoons, and beyond. Additionally, its detailed parameter menu allows users to customize ethnicity, age, gender, hairstyle, and pose to meet their specific requirements.

One of its standout features is its remarkable speed. With just a few clicks, it can swiftly generate flawless photos, ensuring users achieve their desired output promptly and efficiently.



DeepAI also joins the ranks of AI art generators to democratize open-source image creation for all. Generating an AI image is a breeze—simply input a prompt, choose an art, select a style, and DeepAI will work its magic to produce an AI image tailored to your specifications.

Furthermore, DeepAI provides a range of APIs to unleash your creativity responsibly, including Text-to-Image, Image Editing, Image Colorization, and more.

Additionally, it offers a detector tool to sift through images that may not be suitable for your work, ensuring a safe and productive environment. With this tool, users can create multiple artworks or images at no cost.

Starry AI

Starry AI

Starry AI is among the free AI art generators that respond to user prompts by generating customized artwork. Developed by Mo Kahn, the creator of the AI art smartphone app StarryAI, it offers a granular tool allowing for greater customization compared to other AI image tools.

Upon entering a prompt, StarryAI categorizes the generated art into two options: Altair and Orion. Users can choose according to their preferences; opting for Altair results in abstract art, while selecting Orion yields imagery with more defined features.

Additionally, users have the option to add backgrounds to their artwork and download it without any watermark.



Craiyon, developed by Boris Dayma in 2022, is an AI model designed to generate unique images based on user-input text. Formerly recognized as Dall-E Mini, Craiyon is trained using the Google PU Research Cloud.

Craiyon offers unlimited image generation without any constraints, and no account sign-up is required for access. Simply input your text prompt and select whether you'd like to generate Art, Drawing, or Photo. It will then produce a 3×3 grid of images for you to choose from.

An intriguing feature of Craiyon is its ability to specify negative words, allowing users to exclude certain elements they do not want to appear in their images.



Picsart serves as another free AI art generator from text, offering a comprehensive suite of features including editing tools, AI functions, a batch editor, and design capabilities.

To generate an AI image, simply input text into the provided form, and Picsart will produce an image based on your input. Users can then customize this image further by applying filters, effects, adding text, or adjusting colors.

The tool provides a diverse range of styles for artwork creation. Upon entering a prompt, Picsart generates four variations of the input for users to choose from.

Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is a revolutionary AI image generator operating on multiple finely-tuned image generation models. It facilitates the creation of stunning designs and visuals in mere seconds. Boasting a modern and highly responsive user interface, Leonardo elevates the entire design process for its users.

Upon signing up for its free plan, users can choose from various AI models, select an image style, and even add a negative prompt to exclude specific elements from their creations. For those seeking inspiration, Leonardo offers up to 1000 AI-generated prompts to assist in framing their ideas.

The standout features of Leonardo AI include its Prompt Magic V3 and Alchemy functionalities. While these are AI models in their beta stage, the images produced are of exceptional quality and highly relevant to the prompts provided. Despite the increased token consumption when enabling these features, the unparalleled quality they offer makes it a worthwhile investment.

Conclusion on Best Free AI Image Generator

In this guide, we have explored the top 7 free AI Art Generators, which can significantly enhance your productivity.

These tools offer user-friendly interfaces and customizable options to suit your needs. They are trusted by numerous companies as the best AI Art Generators available.

For access to additional features and enhancements, consider purchasing subscription plans for these AI Art Generators.

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