Beehiiv Vs Convertkit: Which Email Software Should You Choose?

Caught in the Beehiiv vs ConvertKit dilemma?

Both Beehiiv and ConvertKit are reputable players in the industry, providing a range of features to assist businesses in crafting and distributing captivating email newsletters.

Explore this guide as we analyze their offerings, empowering you to select the ideal match for your creative endeavors and business goals.

Beehiiv Overview

Beehiiv Vs Convertkit

Beehiiv is a newsletter platform designed for expansion, offering a suite of tools and features tailored to the requirements of thriving newsletters.

A key benefit of Beehiiv is its cost-effectiveness and transparent pricing structure, ensuring users know their monthly expenditure without unexpected charges. Moreover, Beehiiv doesn't impose platform fees on revenue generated from subscribers.

Trusted by leading newsletters, Beehiiv offers an all-inclusive solution encompassing straightforward campaign creation, list development, and analytics. Its user-friendly interface makes it an optimal choice for writers and content creators seeking a straightforward approach to email marketing.

Beehiiv Pros

Highlighted advantages of using Beehiiv, as per reviews, include:

1. A generous free plan catering to new users with modest lists (under 2,500).

2. Intuitive user interface likened to Substack but with enhanced features

3. Flat-rate pricing, beneficial for burgeoning creators and enterprises.

4. Comprehensive features such as a landing page builder, paid subscriptions, and more.

Beehiiv Cons

Despite its strengths, Beehiiv does have a few drawbacks:

1. Absence of automation or drip campaigns.

2. Limited functionalities, such as a lack of integrations and support for custom fonts or CSS.

3. Access to advanced features like polls, AI, and ads requires upgrading to the highest-paid plan starting at $99.00 per month.

ConvertKit Overview


ConvertKit is a marketing platform dedicated to aiding creators in expanding and monetizing their audience. Established in 2013, it boasts a user base of over 600,000 creators, rendering it notably larger than Beehiiv.

Providing an array of features like landing pages and visual automation, ConvertKit endeavors to streamline the email marketing process for creators, allowing them to dedicate less time to it. Additionally, ConvertKit offers creators an accessible avenue to explore online earning opportunities without requiring investment in another platform.

ConvertKit Pros

1. A robust "free forever" plan catering to users with lists under 1,000 subscribers.

2. A solid reputation for sending and deliverability.

3. Well-suited for lead nurturing and drip campaigns.

4. Advanced automation capabilities.

5. Ability to directly sell subscriptions, products, and online courses from the email service provider (ESP).

6. Additional features like tip jars, integrations, forms, and add-ons for rich media.

ConvertKit Cons

1. Reporting and analytics features may be somewhat limited.

2. While pricing remains affordable for smaller lists, costs increase as the user base grows.

For a deeper dive into Convertkit, read our complete guide on Convertkit Review.

Beehiiv Vs Convertkit: Feature Comparison

Email Editor

Beehiiv's email editor surpasses ConvertKit's in sophistication, enabling users to craft more visually appealing emails. In Beehiiv, you'll find greater flexibility in designing your emails compared to ConvertKit.

While ConvertKit's emails are typically straightforward and lack extensive imagery or design elements, this simplicity may suit most text-based newsletters. However, for those seeking more control over newsletter design, Beehiiv is recommended.

One advantage of ConvertKit lies in its provision of pre-designed email templates, offering users a starting point for creating emails from scratch.

Landing Pages

Upon studying numerous newsletters, you'll quickly distinguish between ConvertKit and Beehiiv's stock landing pages, each possessing its unique aesthetic.

ConvertKit's landing pages tend to feature more subdued, 'serious' color schemes, whereas Beehiiv's exhibit brighter, more 'fun' colors. A visit to both platforms' websites provides a clear sense of this contrast. While users aren't restricted to these color palettes, many newsletter creators opt for the off-the-shelf options due to time constraints.

While Beehiiv offers fewer customization options for landing pages, this simplicity can be advantageous. When designing a newsletter landing page, simplicity often proves more effective in conveying the key value proposition and prompting users to take a singular action—signing up for the newsletter.

Segmentation & Automations

Although Beehiiv has recently enhanced its segmentation and automation capabilities, it still lags behind ConvertKit in this regard. Automations involve triggered email sequences in response to specific user actions.

With automations, users can establish IF-THEN logic to trigger email sequences based on predefined criteria (e.g., sending a welcome flow when a new subscriber signs up). ConvertKit offers more extensive automation features, allowing users to create intricate flow logic and deep automations.

Beehiiv Vs Convertkit: Pricing Comparison

This section delves into a comparison of the pricing models of Beehiiv and ConvertKit to assist you in determining the most suitable email newsletter software for your requirements.

Beehiiv Pricing

Upon examination, Beehiiv's pricing emerges as simpler, more transparent, and notably more budget-friendly compared to Mailchimp's. Beehiiv presents three distinct plans, each featuring a fixed monthly rate alongside dedicated functionalities and capabilities. These plans accommodate varying subscriber counts while offering unlimited sends.

The plans are outlined as follows:

  1. Launch Plan – Free
  2. Growth Plan - $42 per month
  3. Scale Plan - $84 per month

ConvertKit Pricing

In contrast, ConvertKit employs a more intricate pricing structure. Their offerings include a free plan with restricted features and limitations on subscriber count and email sends. The paid plans comprise:

  1. Free Plan
  2. Creator Plan
  3. Creator Pro Plan

ConvertKit's plans incorporate an escalating array of features, automation possibilities, and supplementary benefits such as subscriber importation—a feature provided by Beehiiv at no additional cost.

Beehiiv Vs. ConvertKit: Who Wins?

Ultimately, selecting between Beehiiv and ConvertKit depends on your personal preferences and financial considerations. Take into account factors such as your audience size, engagement rates, desired functionalities, and budget constraints to determine which platform best matches your objectives.

Beehiiv proves to be an excellent option for individuals seeking flexibility to launch a newsletter, particularly hobbyists and novice writers. On the other hand, ConvertKit, renowned for its established status and sophisticated features, caters to creators in search of a mature platform offering diverse monetization avenues.

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