8 Best Artbreeder Alternatives in 2024: Top Picks

Are you an artist seeking inspiration or eager to explore the realm of generative art but unsure where to commence? Artbreeder proves to be an excellent platform suitable for both novices and seasoned artists.

Nevertheless, it is not the sole AI-powered image generator available. This article will delve into the 8 best Artbreeder alternatives.

Whether you desire a more user-friendly interface or seek additional features, this list is sure to guide you toward the ideal AI-powered image generator. Let's embark on the exploration!

Why Explore Artbreeder Alternatives?

Artbreeder boasts a user-friendly interface that empowers your creative endeavors, allowing you to produce limitless and exceptional artwork effortlessly.

Among Artbreeder's impressive features is the collager, which provides the ability to craft images using a combination of images and shapes. Simply provide Artbreeder with a description of your vision, and the tool brings it to life.

However, despite its many advantages, one notable drawback of Artbreeder is the restriction on high-resolution downloads in the basic version, limiting your access to high-quality, awe-inspiring images.

Additionally, Artbreeder cannot edit your artwork post-creation. For example, you cannot add more elements, such as flowers, to an edited image once the editing process is complete.

Fortunately, there are several Artbreeder alternatives available to help you overcome these limitations and elevate your artistic experience to a higher level.

8 Best Artbreeder Alternatives in 2024

You can easily find Artbreeder alternatives using Niche Finder's Website Audit.

Here is an Artbreeder alternatives list exported from Niche Finder:

Artbreeder Alternatives

1. Picsart

Picsart, a robust image editing tool renowned for its numerous exceptional features, stands out as a notable alternative to Artbreeder.


Initially exclusive to Android users, the growing demand and substantial user base led to the release of an iOS version.

A remarkable feature of Picsart is its ability to facilitate the creation of stunning collages by incorporating filters, text, and emojis into your images, preserving cherished memories.

Beyond this, you can enhance your collages by seamlessly integrating your favorite tunes, refining images with additional beauty features and colors, and incorporating trending hashtags for added appeal.

Picsart surpasses Artbreeder in terms of its extensive range of features.

2. PlaygroundAI


PlaygroundAI is a versatile online platform, that enables users to bring their imaginative concepts to fruition.

Boasting a diverse array of features, PlaygroundAI equips individuals with the tools to effortlessly remove unnecessary elements from scenes, seamlessly integrate objects into any backdrop, and transform ideas into tangible reality.

Whether you identify as an artist or designer, or simply seek to explore your creative instincts, PlaygroundAI serves as a robust arena for experimentation. The platform also facilitates collaboration, allowing users to join forces with others to assemble and refine their ideas collaboratively.

By seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with intuitive interfaces, PlaygroundAI enables users to harness their creativity, turning abstract concepts into vibrant, tangible creations.

Find out more information about this website by reading our PlaygroundAI reviews.

3. Craiyon 

A rising number of artificial intelligence picture generators are becoming accessible to the general public, like Craiyon AI. An AI model named Craiyon, formerly known as DALLE mini is capable of creating graphics from any written input! The prompt might be a more detailed description or just a single word or phrase.

The likelihood that you will receive an image that meets your expectations increases with the depth of the suggestion that you made. You may quickly make complex and stunning designs using craiyon ai generator.

Based on the user's input, the program generates color schemes, textures, and pattern suggestions using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. The photographs may be used for private, professional, or academic purposes.

4. Starryai


Starryai transcends being a mere application or tool; it stands as an AI-powered artistic companion.

Functioning as a bridge between your imagination and the canvas, Starryai serves as a vessel that transforms your prompts into visual poetry.

The essence of Starryai lies in the convergence of technology and artistry, giving rise to a realm where creativity is boundless and unrestricted.

Interested in how this website gains customers? Please read our complete guide on StarryAI Review.

5. Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator

For artists or individuals seeking an AI tool that goes beyond the offerings of Artbreeder, Deep Dream Generator emerges as an excellent alternative. Integrating elements of both a social media application and an AI generator, it enhances your artistic endeavors.

This tool empowers you to unleash your creativity by transforming simple input texts into unique images within seconds. Notably, Deep Dream is a legitimate tool, ensuring the creation of distinctive images without duplicates.

With three distinct art-generating modes and a plethora of advanced control features, Deep Dream allows you to fine-tune and customize your creations. Moreover, it provides an avenue to expand your social network by connecting with engaging AI artists and sharing your artwork across various social media platforms.

Read Deep Dream Generator Reviews for more information about this AI art tool.

6. Bored Humans

Bored Humans stands as an AI-powered tool featuring a selection of entertaining activities crafted to enhance your creativity. Offering a range of features, Bored Humans is tailored to help you discover fresh ideas and alleviate moments of boredom.

Whether you're a student seeking a distinctive name for a project or an artist yearning for creative inspiration, Bored Humans provides the tools to bring your imagination to fruition. Its user-friendly interface grants access to a myriad of creative possibilities.

What sets it apart is its AI-powered functions, meticulously designed to elevate the experience by adding enjoyment and intuitiveness. So, go ahead, let Bored Humans propel your ideas to new heights and banish the boredom!

7. AI Gahaku

AI Gahaku

AI Gahaku transforms your photo into a Renaissance portrait painting, with over 10 million users worldwide engaging with this AI cam.

Through AIGahaku's art filters, you can give your photo the appearance of a Warhol pop art piece, a Modigliani oil painting, a Picasso creation, or even as if Rembrandt himself painted it for you! What's remarkable is that no picture editing or Photoshop skills are required, making it easy to share your uniquely transformed world.

8. Portrait AI

Portrait AI

PortraitAI is a user-friendly portrait photo creator available both online and on mobile devices running on Android and iOS. What sets this AI portrait maker apart is its distinctive creative touch.

Upon uploading an image for conversion, PortraitAI transforms the photo into an 18th-century-style portrait, injecting a highly imaginative quality that offers users a fresh perspective on their photos.

While primarily oriented towards creative photo editing, this app proves beneficial for a range of users, including art content creators on the Internet, photographers, and graphic designers.

For creative content creators, leveraging an AI portrait app can result in impressive profile photos, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Final Words on Best Artbreeder Alternative

Whether your preference is for a cost-free solution or a more powerful option with extensive features and customization possibilities, there exists an Artbreeder free alternative that caters to every individual.

These AI tools offer a glimpse into a future where pushing the limits of your imagination becomes not just feasible but remarkably accessible.

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