What is Linktree? Complete Review 2024

In the dynamic world of social media marketing, staying abreast of current trends is imperative for businesses. Among these trends is the utilization of Linktree. Wondering what is Linktree exactly?

Linktree is a favored online resource, especially popular on platforms like Instagram, empowering users to construct personalized landing pages housing numerous links.

In the following article, we'll delve into the essence of Linktree, and its operational mechanics, and highlight key features. Let's embark on this exploration!

What is Linktree?


Linktree is a service for social media landing pages, enabling users to construct pages containing multiple links to external sites and web pages.

Primarily utilized alongside social media platforms such as Instagram, where sharing external links can be challenging, Linktree offers a solution.

Originating in 2016, Linktree boasts over 24 million users. Operating on a freemium model, users can create link-rich landing pages for free, with the option to upgrade to premium plans for added features at a monthly or annual cost.

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How Does Linktree Work?

Linktree functions by generating a dedicated landing page on its platform, housing multiple links leading to your designated sites.

The process involves copying and pasting the Linktree landing page URL into your Instagram bio, thereby directing traffic to various sections of your site.

These landing pages offer customization options, contingent upon your subscription level as elaborated earlier.

This customization may encompass altering fonts, incorporating animated backgrounds, highlighting priority links, and scheduling link releases.

With a Pro subscription, users gain access to analytics, facilitating the evaluation of link performance. Armed with this data, marketers can refine their content strategies to better resonate with their audience.

What is Linktree Used for?


Below are some key features of Linktree.

Increase in Website Traffic

Employing Linktree can effectively boost website traffic by facilitating easier navigation for visitors. For instance, sharing a blog post link through Linktree eliminates the need for users to search extensively for the website.

Enhancing Online Presence

Linktree aids in cultivating a more professional online presence by centralizing links to various social media accounts and other websites. This consolidation is particularly beneficial for businesses striving to maintain a polished online persona.

Boosting Engagement on Social Media

Given the abundance of content on social media platforms, maintaining visibility can be challenging. Linktree offers a solution by providing a single access point to all content.

Whether it's a new YouTube video, podcast episode, or Instagram post, updating the Linktree link ensures that followers always have access to the latest content, thereby increasing clicks, engagement, and overall interaction.

Generating Leads and Sales

Beyond its role as a link-sharing tool, Linktree can significantly contribute to marketing and sales efforts. Strategically placing call-to-action links, such as newsletter sign-ups or accessing limited-time offers, capitalizes on Linktree's simplicity to prompt action.

By analyzing which links garner the most traction, valuable insights into audience interests can be obtained, facilitating ongoing refinement of marketing strategies.

Linktree Pricing

Similar to many social media platforms, Linktree offers a free version with additional paid tiers. Under the freemium model, users can sign up and create a page with unlimited links at no charge.

With a free account, users enjoy benefits such as unlimited links, social icons, custom text, music integration, and more.

Moreover, users can access analytics for the past 28 days and utilize payment collection features, although Linktree levies a small transaction fee.

Additionally, Linktree offers three paid tiers of service:

1. Starter: This tier builds upon the free features by providing enhanced visual customization options, including themes, video backgrounds, buttons, and fonts. Users also gain access to 90 days of analytics and 24-hour technical support. The Starter tier is priced at $5 per month or $48 per year.

2. Pro: The Pro tier offers comprehensive customization capabilities, allowing users to remove all Linktree branding from their page. It includes unlimited analytics and integrates with services like Mailchimp, Google Analytics, TikTok Pixels, and UTM tags. The Pro tier is available for $9 per month or $90 per year.

3. Premium: Geared towards users seeking extensive monetization options, the Premium tier provides features for large-scale monetization and includes four-hour priority technical support. Premium is priced at $24 per month or $234 per year.

Conclusion: What is Linktree

In conclusion, Linktree is a versatile and efficient tool for individuals and businesses alike to streamline their online presence and enhance user experience.

By consolidating multiple links into a single, customizable landing page, Linktree enables users to efficiently share a variety of content, including social media profiles, articles, products, and more, with their audience.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Linktree stands as a testament to the power of innovation in simplifying and enhancing our digital interactions.

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