Soulgen AI: What is It, Features, Pros & Cons

Are you intrigued by AI art creation? Curious about its safety? Dive into the world of Soulgen AI Art Generator and uncover the reality of its safety protocols.

Soulgen AI is a groundbreaking image generator powered by AI, enabling users to produce distinctive and top-tier images of real or anime girls using text prompts or tags.

Keep reading, here is everything you need to know about Soulgen.

What is Soulgen AI?

Soulgen is an AI Art Generator tool that enables users to craft images of real or anime characters from text prompts. It empowers users to customize and generate unique anime characters based on their creative vision.

Soulgen AI

The tool also includes an image editing function, allowing users to manipulate content within their images by using text prompts.

Soulgen aims to fulfill users' creative aspirations and offers a user-friendly interface for generating and editing AI-generated images.

Soulgen Key Features

Here are some key features of Soulgen.

Text-to-Image Prompting

Soulgen's primary feature is the text-to-image generator, where users input descriptive prompts to create art and other images solely from text. This feature is straightforward to use and familiar to those who have used similar tools.

Users can input their prompts, select a style and aspect ratio, and even use a base image to guide the AI. The premium plan unlocks additional styles, aspect ratios, and allows users to generate multiple variations simultaneously.

Despite the lack of negative prompting, the results are impressive, likely utilizing a variant of Stable Diffusion.

Image Editing

Soulgen offers various tools for tweaking created images, including background removal and replacement, hairstyle changes, and trying different clothing options. Users can even perform face-swaps to morph into celebrities.

The ability to focus on different areas of the image simplifies the editing process, eliminating the need for complex re-prompting.


A notable editing feature called outpainting allows users to expand existing images beyond their borders. Users can add new elements, such as backgrounds, people, or characters, using text prompts, ideal for creating detailed and immersive scenes.

Soul Chat

In addition to image generation, Soulgen features an AI chatbot function. Users can create a character using AI or select an existing bot to chat with, maintaining a realistic relationship over time.

This feature is currently in beta but offers engaging and functional interactions, including the option for platonic or spicy conversations.

SoulGen AI Pros & Cons

Here are some pros and cons of Soulgen AI based on customer reviews.

Soulgen Pros

1. Generates high-quality, lifelike images from text prompts.

2. Provides options for both photorealistic and anime/artistic styles.

3. Allows for lookalike image generation using reference photos.

4. Saves time compared to manual image creation.

5. Offers customizable images through editing tools.

6. Images can be used commercially.

Soulgen Cons

1. Limited features in the free version with watermarks.

2. Reported issues with billing practices and cancellations.

SoulGen AI Pricing

SoulGen offers a Pro plan starting at $9.99 per month and $69.99 for annual subscriptions. The Pro plan includes various exciting features such as removing blur, priority queue access, multitasking capabilities, modifying the appearance of AI characters, high-quality image output, multi-creations, and more.

For creators seeking innovative tools, SoulGen presents an excellent option worth exploring.

Conclusion on Soulgen AI

In summary, Soulgen AI Art Generator presents an exhilarating and pioneering platform for crafting personalized characters and distinctive animations.

Despite potential safety apprehensions, Soulgen has integrated safety protocols to guarantee a secure user experience.

With its customizable functionalities and user-friendly interface, Soulgen stands as a valuable asset for both artists and enthusiasts.

Embark on your journey into the realm of AI art generation with Soulgen, confident that your creativity is safeguarded.

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