Opus Clip Review 2024: Is It a Good AI Video Tool for You?

The podcasting landscape has undergone a significant transformation in recent times. The proliferation of podcasts has skyrocketed, accompanied by a surge in demand for AI tools. In this rapidly evolving landscape, one might wonder: does Opus Clip still hold up?

Opus Clip addresses this question by offering an AI-driven solution designed to repurpose conventional videos into succinct, eye-catching clips tailored for platforms such as YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok.

Let's delve into its functionalities, advantages, and drawbacks to assist you in determining whether it aligns with your content creation requirements.

What is Opus Clip?


Opus Clip is an AI-driven software engineered by OpenAI, designed to streamline the creation of short-form videos from lengthier ones.

Employing sophisticated algorithms, the software scrutinizes the input video, extracting segments deemed resonant with audiences automatically.

Through the division of a singular video into multiple clips, Opus Clip endeavors to assist content creators in tailoring their content for various social media platforms.

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Opus Clip Key Features

Opus Clip distinguishes itself as a comprehensive AI-powered video editing tool crafted to simplify the creation of captivating short content for social media platforms. Here's an in-depth overview of its features:

1. AI Curation

Utilizing advanced AI, Opus Clip scrutinizes lengthy videos, pinpointing the most compelling moments to extract and transform into viral short clips.

This AI-driven process ensures that the resultant content not only captivates but also customizes to seize the audience's attention.

2. AI Virality Score

A distinctive feature of Opus Clip is its AI Virality Score.

This tool assesses the potential of each clip to go viral, drawing insights from an analysis of thousands of successful videos. This score aids creators in discerning which clips might excel on social media platforms.

3. AI CoPilot

The AI CoPilot feature empowers creators with greater control over their content. It enables the selection of specific timeframes for clipping and facilitates clip searching based on keywords.

This ensures alignment with the creator's vision for the final product.

4. AI Dynamic Layout

Opus Clip's AI dynamically adjusts the screen layout, seamlessly transitioning between full screen, two-person, three-person, screen share, and more.

This feature ensures the presentation of speakers and visuals in the most engaging manner possible.

5. AI B-Roll Addition

To enrich storytelling and visual allure, Opus Clip seamlessly integrates contextually relevant B-roll footage into clips.

This feature is instrumental in sustaining viewer engagement and ensuring visual dynamism in the content.

6. Active Speaker Detection

The tool's predictive AI analyzes moving faces, ensuring that the speaker remains centered in the video frame.

This functionality proves particularly beneficial for interviews or panel discussions, where maintaining focus on the active speaker is paramount.

Pros and Cons of Opus Clip


Below are the main pros & cons of Opus Clip based on customer reviews.

Opus Clip Pros

1. Time and effort-saving

2. Intuitive user interface

3. AI technology yields high-quality short clips

4. Tailored for various social media platforms

Cons of Opus Clip

1. Limited customization options

2. Potential cost barriers for certain users

Opus Clip Pricing and Plans

Having utilized Opus Clip myself, I discovered that the platform's pricing and plans are both reasonable and adaptable. Here's a detailed breakdown of the available plans:

Free Plan

Opus Clip provides a free plan for users keen on testing the platform's capabilities before committing to a paid subscription.

With the free plan, users can generate up to 5 clips monthly, each with a maximum duration of 2 minutes. This option suits beginners in video repurposing or those operating on a tight budget.

Premium Plan

For users requiring more extensive features than the free plan offers, Opus Clip presents a premium plan starting at $19 per month. This subscription allows for the creation of up to 20 clips per month, each with a maximum length of 5 minutes.

Moreover, the premium plan includes advanced functionalities like custom branding, priority support, and the option to upload custom fonts.

Enterprise Plan

Tailored to the needs of businesses or individuals with substantial video repurposing demands, Opus Clip offers an enterprise plan customized to specific requirements.

Pricing for this plan is personalized based on individual needs, necessitating direct contact with Opus Clip for detailed information.

Features of the enterprise plan encompass unlimited clip creation, custom integrations, and a dedicated account manager.

Conclusion on Opus Clip

Opus Clip offers a powerful tool for content creators in search of AI-driven efficiency and heightened engagement. If you're inclined towards harnessing AI's creative capabilities and value swiftness and convenience, exploring Opus Clip is worthwhile.

Nevertheless, if you prioritize complete control over your content or operate within specific formats better suited for manual editing, alternative solutions may be more suitable.

Keep in mind that testing the free plan with its restricted features provides the ideal opportunity to experience Opus Clip firsthand and determine its compatibility with your content creation workflow.

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