7 Best Mailshake Alternatives: Top Picks

Looking for a Mailshake alternative? Then you have come to the right place.

Although Mailshake serves as a competent email outreach tool, it comes with its drawbacks — it can be pricey, operates as a standalone interface, and lacks native integration with Google Sheets.

In this piece, I'll spotlight ten excellent alternatives to Mailshake that can fulfill your email marketing requirements effectively.

What is Mailshake?

Mailshake is a widely used tool for cold email outreach, particularly popular among individuals in Sales, PR, and blogging sectors. It offers functionalities to establish connections, promote offers, and achieve desired goals efficiently.

One of Mailshake's standout features is its provision of email campaign ideas, including PR pitches and guest outreach. Additionally, users can automate various email outreach tasks swiftly, personalize campaigns, track progress, and set up automated follow-ups with distinct sending sequences.

Furthermore, Mailshake allows customization of sending schedules for individual recipients. However, despite its notable features, users may encounter certain challenges prompting them to explore alternative solutions.

7 Best Mailshake Alternatives

Here are seven Mailshake alternatives to consider:

1. GMass


GMass is a robust cold email outreach tool enabling users to conduct mail merge campaigns directly from their Gmail accounts. Its outstanding outreach features have established it as a preferred mass emailing solution utilized by employees at renowned companies such as Google, Uber, and prominent social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Moreover, GMass extends beyond catering solely to email marketers. It serves as a versatile tool suitable for both institutions and individuals, facilitating the sending of emails from Gmail addresses to targeted audiences effectively.

2. Reply.io


Reply.io is a sales engagement platform driven by artificial intelligence, crafted to automate personalized email outreach and calls while preserving the essence of individualized communication.

Tailored to streamline repetitive tasks while upholding a superior level of personalization, Reply.io emerges as an optimal solution for sales teams aiming to enhance efficiency without compromising the personalized nature of interactions with prospects.

3. Klenty

Klenty offers a user-friendly email outreach solution, empowering users to dispatch personalized email campaigns at their preferred times. Additionally, users can boost campaign productivity by incorporating follow-up stages seamlessly.

The platform seamlessly integrates with renowned CRM platforms like Zoho, HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, and Pipedrive, facilitating seamless data exchange and optimizing workflow efficiency.

Furthermore, Klenty ensures prompt assistance and guidance through in-app customer support, ensuring users receive timely help whenever needed.

4. Mixmax


Mixmax is an email tool designed exclusively for integration with Gmail. Its feature set resembles those of the previously mentioned options. With Mixmax, users can track emails, utilize templates, schedule meetings and emails, automate sequences, and integrate with various other tools.

In comparison to Yesware, Mixmax offers a broader selection of integrations, which may be overwhelming for users who do not require all of its features.

Moreover, Mixmax enables collaboration among team members directly from the inbox, allowing for joint composition of emails. Users can also conduct polls and surveys via email. Similar to Mailshake, Mixmax includes an autodialer feature.

5. Mailchimp


Once, Mailchimp solely served as a cloud-based email marketing solution, providing features such as email tracking, custom analytical reports, and complete automation of email marketing campaigns.

However, Mailchimp has since evolved into an all-encompassing marketing platform, surpassing other tools like Mailshake. In addition to its traditional features, Mailchimp now enables users to create Facebook ads, landing pages, websites, postcards, and more.

Furthermore, Mailchimp distinguishes itself with its extensive integrations, boasting compatibility with over 200 apps spanning various categories.

6. SalesLoft


SalesLoft serves as a comprehensive sales enablement platform, presenting a viable alternative to Mailshake. It aids sales teams in meticulously managing opportunities across the entire pipeline, allowing teams to allocate more time to promising deals and minimize efforts on less fruitful prospects.

Key features include Cadence, facilitating the scheduling of sales meetings, and Conversations, which identifies the most effective sales approaches for conversion.

Moreover, SalesLoft offers the capability to record calls with transcriptions, enabling users to revisit past conversations and extract essential insights.

It's worth noting that SalesLoft operates on a custom pricing model, necessitating direct contact for a tailored quote, as specific pricing details are not listed on their website.

7. Outreach.io


Outreach is primarily tailored for sales teams, making it less suitable for very small businesses or freelancers.

The platform is centered around sequences, allowing sales representatives to strategize and schedule follow-ups efficiently from the outset. 

Moreover, Outreach provides comprehensive analytics for managers to assess team performance and optimize the sales funnel. These insights can also benefit operations by enhancing the effectiveness of the sales process.

Additionally, Outreach offers multi-channel features, ideal for those pursuing leads beyond email, enabling users to streamline their sales processes effectively.

Final Words on Mailshake Alternative

Selecting an email outreach software shouldn't feel overwhelming.

Given the abundance of email marketing tools available, it's crucial to identify key features and compare different options thoroughly before reaching a decision.

By considering these Mailshake alternatives, users can discover the most suitable solution to elevate their email productivity and attain success in their endeavors.

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