What is Krisp AI? Complete Guide 2024

If you are looking for enhancements for your online meetings and calls, consider exploring Krisp AI.

Krisp is a noise-cancellation application, employing artificial intelligence to eradicate background noises and voices from both ends of the call. Additionally, it effectively eliminates echoes and augments voice clarity.

In this blog post, I will explain what Krisp is, its key features, pros & cons, and more.

What is Krisp Tool?


Krisp is an AI-powered noise-cancelling desktop application tailored to elevate the quality of online meetings and calls.

Leveraging its advanced Voice Productivity AI, Krisp not only eradicates background noise but also presents a range of features such as meeting transcription and accent localization.

Tailored for individuals and businesses alike, Krisp specializes in noise, voice, and echo cancellation, significantly enhancing audio clarity in online meetings—a vital aspect in today's remote-centric landscape.

Functioning as a seamless one-click solution, Krisp acts as an intelligent intermediary between your device and any online communication platform, ensuring that only your voice penetrates through the audio stream.

Krisp Key Features

Krisp presents an array of features aimed at enriching your online communication experience:

1. Background Voice Cancellation: Suppresses other voices within your environment.

2. Noise Cancellation: Filters out various forms of background noise.

3. Echo Cancellation: Eliminates sound reverberation between your microphone and speaker.

4. Accent Localization: Adjusts to diverse accents to ensure clearer communication.

5. Meeting Transcription: Offers real-time transcriptions of your meetings.

6. Meeting Notes: Generates AI-powered summaries of meetings.

7. AI Voice Clarity: Enhances the clarity of your voice during calls.

How to Use Krisp?

Krisp operates with simplicity: it's a one-click application, either activated or deactivated. Once activated, it seamlessly integrates with any calling apps, automatically initiating audio filtering.

In the realm of remote work, your company likely has its preferred communication platform. However, when engaging with remote companies for interviews, interviewers typically furnish you with links to various conference software.

For optimal usage, allow Krisp to filter your audio from your personal microphone. Alternatively, if you've installed the Windows or Mac application, you can also utilize Krisp to filter the recipient's audio, especially useful if they are situated in a noisy environment.

Please note that this functionality is currently unavailable on Krisp's Chrome Extension.

Krisp AI Pros & Cons


Here are the main pros and cons of Krisp.

Krisp Pros

1. User-Friendly Functionality: Activation and deactivation are effortless with a single button.
2. Free Usage: The free plan offers 120 minutes of usage per week.
3. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Available for installation on various operating systems such as iOS, Mac, Windows, and Chrome.
4. Compatibility with Any Video Conferencing App: Seamlessly integrates with all video conferencing applications.

Krisp Cons

1. Potential Robotic Voice Effect: The filter may induce a slight robotic quality to your voice if it's blocking excessive background noise simultaneously.
2. Limitation with Zoom Chrome App: Currently, the Chrome Extension does not function with the Zoom Chrome App.
3. Absence of Recipient Audio Filtering in Chrome Extension: The Chrome Extension does not yet support filtering the recipient's audio.

Krisp Pricing

Krisp provides a variety of pricing plans tailored to diverse requirements. Here's a breakdown:

Free Plan: Grants 60 minutes per day of noise and echo cancellation, alongside unlimited transcriptions.

Pro Plan: Priced at $8 per month on annual billing, the Pro Plan offers unlimited noise, background voice, and echo cancellation, accompanied by limitless meeting notes. Additionally, it features HD noise cancellation, centralized user management, and a unified billing system.

Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing is available based on specific needs, with inclusion of premium support services.

Final Words on Krisp AI

Krisp is a must-have app for remote workers, particularly those operating from environments beyond their control.

This application ensures professionalism in all your remote interactions, be it interviews or team meetings.

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