How to Get Featured Snippets? Tips & Tricks 2024

Embracing the term "position zero" within the marketing sphere, featured snippets represent the pinnacle of search result achievement. But do you know how to get featured snippets?

Featured snippets are snippets extracted from pertinent web pages, aiming to address a searcher's query precisely. Positioned at the zenith of organic search results, they amplify visibility across mobile, voice, and conventional search engines. Additionally, they boast a higher click-through rate (CTR) compared to standard organic search outcomes.

Continue reading to uncover valuable insights, tips, and tricks on claiming your spot in the realm of featured snippets.

What Are Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets, often referred to as "position zero," represent curated content snippets extracted from web pages to directly address user search queries.

Positioned at the top of search results, these snippets are paragraphs, lists, tables, or even videos, providing concise and immediate answers to user inquiries.

They may also appear within the "People Also Ask" section, enhancing their visibility and utility.

How to Get Featured Snippets? 8 Easy Tips

Seeking featured snippets for your website? You're in good company. Marketers globally are continually exploring innovative approaches to secure featured snippets in search results.

While there's no foolproof method for guaranteed success, let's delve into some proven effective strategies.

1. Conduct Comprehensive Keyword Research

Prioritize keyword research specifically tailored for featured snippets. Focus on long-tail keyword phrases that can be framed as questions. Select phrases with limited competition, increasing your chances of ranking.

Niche Finder's Keywords Niche is one of the best tools used to conduct keyword research, you can get detailed information on aimed keywords easily:

How to Get Featured Snippets

2. Adhere to SEO Best Practices

Maintain SEO best practices to boost your chances of securing a featured snippet. Approximately 31% of featured snippets are drawn from the first search result position.

Ensure your page ranks high by following on-page and off-page optimization standards.

3. Organize Content in Lists and Tables

Structured formatting, such as lists and tables, aligns with the common presentation style of featured snippets. Include these elements in your content to enhance visibility and increase the likelihood of being selected.

4. Utilize Imagery Strategically

Incorporate relevant images to support your content. Images not only enhance the user experience but also contribute visual elements to match targeted keywords. Ensure your imagery aligns seamlessly with the featured snippet context.

5. Craft Questions in Subheadings

As featured snippets aim to answer questions, incorporate those questions into subheadings. Clearly pose the question you wish to address, using the content below to provide a detailed and informative response.

6. Identify Low-Hanging Fruit

When we talk about identifying your "low-hanging fruit," we mean pinpointing pages where you already enjoy strong rankings.

As previously mentioned, it's improbable for your page to become a featured snippet if it doesn't already occupy a top position on results pages. Therefore, the most straightforward approach is to locate pages with high existing rankings and optimize them specifically for featured snippets.

This optimization can involve incorporating a table, expanding bulleted lists, or transforming some headings into questions that address Who, What, When, Where, Why, or How. By implementing these adjustments, you enhance your chances of securing a featured snippet, leveraging the strong ranking foundation of the page.

7. Organize Pages with Headings

How to Get Featured Snippets

Structured pages with clear headings make it easier for Google to comprehend your content. The better Google understands your content, the higher the likelihood of earning a featured snippet. Keep answers concise and headings clear for optimal results.

8. Answer Multiple Questions

Having headings on your pages significantly aids Google in comprehending your content. The clearer your content is to Google, the more seamless the process of awarding a featured snippet becomes.

In conjunction with utilizing headings, it's essential to keep the answers to your questions straightforward and concise. This approach ensures that Google precisely identifies the location of the answer and that it aligns with the concise nature ideal for a featured snippet.

Conclusion: How to Get Featured Snippets

Securing the featured snippet position in SERPs for your content can be a challenging endeavor. Likewise, attaining a spot in the top ten search results demands substantial effort.

However, as with many endeavors, diligent work and persistence yield rewarding results. SEO is akin to a marathon rather than a sprint. If you've already curated exceptional content, featured snippets can serve as a swift victory.

Embark on the journey, actively seeking and claiming those featured snippets. We're eager to hear about your experiences—share your insights in the comments below.

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