Flywheel Review 2024: Key Features, Pros & Cons

Are you looking to host your WordPress website but unsure which platform to choose? Well, Flywheel is here to save you the stress.

Renowned for its user-friendly interface and specialized WordPress hosting solutions, Flywheel simplifies website management while delivering robust performance and top-notch security.

In this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Flywheel to help you determine if it’s the right hosting platform for your needs.

What is Flywheel?


Flywheel is a premier platform that provides professionally managed WordPress hosting, complete with powerful workflow tools to ensure your website looks and functions at its best.

Flywheel’s support has evolved over the years from limited email support during U.S. business hours to offering 24/7 assistance.

Flywheel hosting is ideally suited for freelancers, designers, developers, and agencies looking to leverage WordPress hosting for their business or services.

How Does Flywheel Work?

Flywheel hosting operates on a robust foundation that manages all the technical aspects of installing and running WordPress, making the process seamless for users.

The platform utilizes the "Flywheel Cloud Platform," known for its reliability, power, and speed, often outperforming its competitors.

Flywheel also features a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to access various settings, which is particularly useful when setting up your website. Through the dashboard, you can manage WordPress installations, clone websites, and more—features that are especially beneficial for web developers and designers.

Flywheel Features

Flywheel offers impressive features, including:

1. Lightning Fast Performance: Flywheel ensures solid uptime and remarkable page speeds for your WordPress website. This is achieved through its container technology, powered by the Google Cloud Platform.

2. Auto Healing Technology: With this feature, your site can automatically heal itself in the event of downtime or site failure. This results in improved performance and fewer site downtimes.

3. Flycache: Flywheel includes custom caching technology designed to optimize plugins and the most popular themes. This ensures that your site is appropriately cached when necessary, leading to enhanced performance.

4. CDNs: Flywheel provides world-class Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to every WordPress website hosted on its platform. This ensures that visitors experience exceptional load speeds when accessing these sites.

Pros of Flywheel

1. Free Migrations

When using this platform, I discovered that it provides free migrations regardless of the number of WordPress websites you wish to transfer.

I found this feature particularly advantageous, especially for individuals with established sites seeking to migrate to the Flywheel WordPress hosting platform without incurring exorbitant fees.

2. Top Tier Customer Support

I noticed that their live chat appears to be accessible round-the-clock, as I was able to engage with the team and promptly receive feedback.

However, phone support is limited to weekdays, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This option is available only to subscribers of plans priced above $250.

3. Provides Free Demo Sites

Flywheel's demo feature was exceptionally impressive. I had the opportunity to explore these complimentary sites for a generous period of up to 14 days.

During this time, I could build to my heart's content and only incur charges when I was prepared to proceed.

4. Comes With Help Docs

Flywheel provides helpful documentation in its support section, aimed at simplifying the platform for beginners.

These resources assist novices in understanding how Flywheel operates and guide them through the process of setting up their WordPress site.

Cons of Flywheel

While Flywheel boasts excellent features overall, it does have a few drawbacks. For instance, its hosting service lacks email hosting, necessitating additional payment for services like MXRoute or Google Workspace.

However, this may not necessarily be a negative aspect, as combining hosting with email might not be ideal for everyone. Some users may prefer Flywheel's standalone hosting solution without integrated email services.

Conclusion on Flywheel Review

To put it bluntly, Flywheel surpasses its competitors. With its speed, security, and user-friendly interface, Flywheel is the top choice for web hosting.

What sets Flywheel apart from other providers are its backups, scalability, and exceptional customer support. To maximize Flywheel's capabilities, leverage its caching feature and CDN integration.

Additionally, ensure your plugins and themes are regularly updated for enhanced site security and stability.

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