Fireflies AI Vs Otter AI: Which Tool Should You Consider?

In today's fast-paced work environment, virtual meetings have become standard practice, yet maintaining productivity amidst ongoing discussions presents a significant challenge. Fortunately, meeting transcription tools such as and offer solutions to address these common meeting frustrations.

This article delves into a comprehensive comparison of these automated meeting note platforms.

 Whether your aim is to streamline collaboration, enhance efficiency, or maintain organizational structure, this guide furnishes valuable insights to aid in making a well-informed choice.

What is Fireflies?

fireflies-ai-vs-otter-ai is an AI-powered meeting assistant software and collaboration platform.

Tailored to automatically record, generate transcripts, provide intelligent summaries, and analyze meetings across platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, it aids individuals and teams in capturing and organizing crucial meeting data efficiently.

What is Otter AI?


Otter AI is a widely-used AI-driven transcription tool adept at converting spoken words into text seamlessly.

Employable in various contexts such as online meetings, podcasts, and interviews, this tool identifies voices in audio feeds, processes them through AI algorithms, and delivers transcriptions in a readable and editable format.

While Otter's transcription accuracy ranges between 85-95%, requiring some cleaning and editing for perfection, it offers a commendable performance.

Despite being a robust alternative, some may find Otter AI's pricing a tad steep, particularly those who participate in meetings sporadically.

Fireflies AI Vs Otter AI: In-Depth Comparison

Otter and Fireflies are powerful apps aimed at enhancing productivity during sessions and minimizing post-meeting tasks such as crafting follow-up emails and summaries.

However, selecting between and hinges on your specific requirements and preferred usage.

In this evaluation, we will analyze the primary features and discern the distinctions between these two meeting assistant tools.

1. Live Transcription and Summaries

Both Otter and Fireflies excel in live transcription, a standout feature enhancing meeting productivity.

By integrating with Microsoft or Google calendars, these assistants automatically join meetings (Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams) to record and transcribe discussions seamlessly, eliminating the need for manual note-taking. Otter provides transcriptions along with key takeaways and summaries.

Notably, Fireflies' 'Ask Fred' feature goes a step further by addressing follow-up questions, enhancing post-meeting clarity.

2. Integrations and Accessibility

Fireflies boast an extensive range of integrations, making it adaptable to various use cases, surpassing Otter in this regard.

For instance, Fireflies integrates with Notion for easy transcript and note export, as well as HubSpot for workflow automation, thereby enhancing overall productivity.

Conversely, Otter offers limited integrations primarily focusing on syncing media files with cloud services like Dropbox and Salesforce, making Fireflies a preferable choice for those seeking robust third-party app integration.

3. Collaboration and Sharing empowers users to distribute meeting transcripts among team members, append comments, and emphasize crucial points to facilitate collaboration and subsequent actions.

Similarly, provides users with the capability to collaborate on meeting transcripts by sharing them with team members, incorporating comments, and highlighting essential information for convenient reference.

4. Use Cases

Otter extends its utility beyond meeting transcription, supporting voice recording and draft preparation through speech input.

Similarly, Fireflies records, transcribes, and summarizes meetings efficiently. While Otter caters to podcasters and YouTubers for content creation, Fireflies offers auto-capture screen recordings for enhanced meeting review.

5. Customer Support

Fireflies provides comprehensive customer support including live chat, email, priority, and 24/7 assistance, enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

In contrast, Otter lacks live chat or phone support, offering only email contact options, potentially causing inconvenience for users seeking immediate assistance.

6. Pricing and Plans

Both Otter and Fireflies offer free plans for introductory use. Otter's pricing plans are relatively more cost-effective, with a Pro plan starting at $16.99 per month and a Business plan at $40.

Fireflies' Pro plan costs approximately $18 per month, while its Business plan, starting at $29 per month, offers affordability compared to Otter.

Final Thoughts: Fireflies AI Vs Otter AI

Fireflies AI excels in its real-time transcription capabilities, facilitating seamless collaboration and note-taking during meetings and conferences.

On the other hand, Otter AI stands out with its advanced machine learning algorithms, providing accurate transcriptions and robust search functionalities for recorded conversations.

Ultimately, the choice between these platforms depends on specific user preferences, requirements, and the context in which they are utilized.

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