What is EmailOctopus? Features, Pros & Cons and More

EmailOctopus, a robust email marketing service, offers a straightforward approach to managing your email campaigns. Established in 2014, their primary objective is to streamline the process of email marketing and make it user-friendly.

Although EmailOctopus caters to various small businesses, it is essential to determine if it aligns with your specific requirements.

To ascertain this, we recommend reading our comprehensive EmailOctopus review. Let's delve into the details and discover if it is the ideal email marketing software for you.

What is EmailOctopus?

EmailOctopus is an affordable email marketing platform that ensures excellent email delivery rates, provides personalized reports, and enables the implementation of drip email sequences.

Additionally, it allows users to effortlessly import contacts and seamlessly integrate with forms.

By utilizing segmentation, users can create precisely targeted email campaigns that focus on the customer data that holds the utmost importance for their business.

EmailOctopus Core Features


Here are some key features of EmailOctopus.

1. Drag and drop editor: It simplifies the process of creating emails. Its interface is modern and intuitive.

2. Email templates: Choose from a selection of 34 pre-built templates to design your emails quickly. These templates have a contemporary look.

3. Autoresponders: Set up basic automation for welcome emails and drip campaigns. This feature saves time and ensures timely communication with your subscribers.

4. Landing page builder: Easily create landing pages using the drag and drop builder, which offers 5 templates to choose from. This feature helps you create visually appealing and effective landing pages.

5. EmailOctopus Connect: Take advantage of the option to send emails through Amazon SES, which offers lower prices. This integration allows you to optimize your email sending costs.

6. Customer support: Enjoy near 24/7 live chat and email support, available for both free and paid plans. Additionally, EmailOctopus provides a knowledge base with helpful articles and videos to assist you.

7. Integrations: EmailOctopus seamlessly integrates with 47 apps and supports Zapier. This allows you to connect your email marketing efforts with other platforms and automate various tasks.

EmailOctopus Pros and Cons

Here are EmailOctopus's main pros and cons based on customer reviews.

EmailOctopus Pros

1. One of the most user-friendly email marketing platforms available.

2. It offers high-quality email templates

3. Excellent free plan

4. Easy list management

5. Nearly 24/7 support for both free and paid plans.

EmailOctopus Cons

1. Automation features are limited

2. No AB testing option, you’ll have to send separate emails to do tests

EmailOctopus Pricing Plan

EmailOctopus offers a free plan for 62,000 emails that a company will send each month. Additionally, the starter package provides a $0 service that includes campaign-only marketing and basic email support.

However, the emails will contain the company's branding. The pricing of the plans depends on the number of subscribers and the recipients of the emails.

Starting at $20 per month, the Pro plan includes 5,000 subscribers and allows for 50,000 emails per month. If your business requires more, this plan can be adjusted to accommodate higher numbers. All packages come with campaign and process automation, statistical reporting, removal of EmailOctopus branding, and priority email support.

EmailOctopus also offers a "Connect" option, which enables users to route emails through an Amazon SES account. The Connect Starter option is free and allows for up to 2,500 subscribers, basic support, and branding on emails.

For unlimited emails, priority support, and pricing that aligns with your business needs, the Connect Pro package starts at $19 per month.

3 Best EmailOctopus Alternatives

If you’re looking for similar email marketing services, here are some top alternatives to EmailOctopus.



GetResponse offers a free plan similar to EmailOctopus, but it has a limit of 500 contacts, whereas EmailOctopus does not have such a restriction.

However, where GetResponse truly excels is in its automated campaigns. In addition to drip campaigns and welcome emails, GetResponse's automated campaigns include birthday emails, split automation, contact tagging, and scoring.

Furthermore, GetResponse provides a website builder as part of its suite of features. It is worth noting that GetResponse is more expensive compared to EmailOctopus. While EmailOctopus plans start at $24, GetResponse's Plus plan starts at $36 per month.

Ultimately, the decision depends on the extent of features you require.

For more detailed information, please read our Getresponse Review for more details.



Mailerlite provides an email marketing platform that includes a free plan for up to 1000 contacts. In contrast to EmailOctopus, Mailerlite allows you to conduct A/B testing for your email marketing campaigns. Additionally, they offer specialized templates for eCommerce and a comprehensive range of features.

With Mailerlite, the cost increases as your contact list grows. The pricing starts at $17 for 2500 contacts and can go up to $1881 per month for 500,000 contacts.

If you are looking for an all-inclusive email marketing platform with automation and eCommerce capabilities that is also more affordable compared to other industry leaders, Mailerlite is the ideal choice. However, if you prefer to focus on simple email marketing campaigns, EmailOctopus is the more cost-effective option.



Brevo offers a robust email marketing platform with a wide range of email campaign templates, surpassing EmailOctopus in this aspect.

However, some templates may not be as visually appealing. Building landing pages, pop-up forms, web forms, and automated campaigns is relatively straightforward with Brevo, although EmailOctopus makes it even easier.

Additionally, Brevo stands out by providing SMS marketing and Facebook ads support, albeit at a higher cost compared to EmailOctopus.

The free plan allows for 300 emails per day, while paid plans begin at $25/month for the Starter plan and $65/month for the Business plan, with pricing increasing based on monthly email volume.

Final Thoughts on EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus provides brands and businesses with a cost-effective and user-friendly alternative for their email marketing campaigns.

In conclusion, EmailOctopus proves to be a valuable tool for numerous businesses seeking to participate in online marketing, as well as for small companies lacking the financial resources and technical knowledge required for direct-to-inbox marketing.

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