8 Best Clearbit Alternatives & Competitors 2024

Clearbit, a marketing-oriented tool, delivers real-time account and contact data. Nonetheless, the absence of dedicated tools for streamlined prospecting prompts users to seek out Clearbit alternatives.

Fortunately, numerous alternatives offer comparable functionalities, each with unique features tailored to diverse business requirements. From email verification to lead scoring, these alternatives address specific needs at accessible price points.

Embrace a tailored approach and explore our curated list of the top 8 Clearbit alternatives.

What Is Clearbit? 

Clearbit is a data activation platform consolidating pertinent B2B data concerning potential customers, providing your sales and marketing teams with a comprehensive market perspective.

Diverging from conventional marketing intelligence databases, Clearbit operates as a suite of applications. These apps can function independently, integrate seamlessly as add-ons in other tools, or be downloaded as browser extensions.

8 Best Clearbit Alternatives to Use in 2024

Let’s look at the top 8 Clearbit alternatives in 2024.

1. ZoomInfo


ZoomInfo’s integrated platform utilizes data and technology to connect businesses with their ideal customers, empowering sales and marketing teams and driving revenue growth.

Its unified go-to-market approach bridges the gap between sales and marketing efforts, providing data-driven insights and seamless customer connections.

While ZoomInfo offers high-level sales workflow automation, customization options may require additional effort.

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2. LeadIQ


LeadIQ focuses on the needs of sales teams, serving as a central hub that bridges the gap between various sales tools, including CRMs, lead generation platforms, and marketing automation tools.

Its intelligent platform enhances data hygiene, provides relevant insights, and streamlines prospecting workflows.

LeadIQ also features an AI-powered email composer, Scribe, facilitating the drafting of personalized messages for qualified leads.

3. LeadGenius


LeadGenius addresses the challenge of global sales team expansion by offering B2B contact and account data across EMEA, LATAM, and APAC regions.

Its platform integrates with popular sales and marketing tools, facilitating accurate contact data acquisition without context switching. LeadGenius also provides a Chrome extension for seamless data access.

4. Foundry

Foundry distinguishes itself with its ability to identify buyer intent and increase conversions across multiple channels, including display ads, email, LinkedIn, and chat.

By defining search parameters, businesses can track relationships with potential buyers actively seeking similar solutions.

Foundry excels in pinpointing decision-makers at critical moments, setting it apart from other ABM platforms.

5. Apollo.io


Apollo.io excels in sales intelligence, offering access to a vast database with millions of contacts and companies. Its platform allows for email, call, and LinkedIn outreach within a single environment, maximizing sales efficiency.

With cutting-edge AI and a comprehensive suite of engagement tools, Apollo.io supports lead discovery to deal closure, making it an ideal choice for teams seeking a complete solution.

6. Adapt.io


Adapt.io stands out for its unmatched filtering capabilities, enabling rapid identification and connection with the ideal audience.

Its AI-powered suggestions and data on potential buyers’ interests facilitate engagement with active solution seekers. Adapt.io excels in AI-driven insights and broad data solutions, making it a top alternative to Clearbit.

7. RocketReach


RocketReach is one of the best alternatives to Clearbit, particularly for those valuing access to an expansive and precise database for email and phone number discovery. Boasting a database encompassing 450 million professionals, RocketReach offers unparalleled reach and competitive pricing compared to Clearbit.

Employing AI technology, RocketReach suggests contacts that may have otherwise been overlooked, facilitating worldwide email and phone connections with exceptional success rates. Furthermore, users can generate detailed contact and company lists, streamlining B2B sales efforts.

RocketReach simplifies the sales process with features such as Advanced Search, Browser Extension, Bulk Lookups, and seamless integration with popular CRMs, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in reaching target audiences.

For more detailed information, read our guide on What is RocketReach.

8. Uplead


Uplead boasts a high-quality B2B database with impressive accuracy, promising valuable opportunities for lead generation and outreach efforts.

Its focus on clean, verified data ensures high-quality leads, enhancing email campaign success rates.

Uplead’s real-time email verification sets it apart, although it may lack some of the market insights and database size offered by competitors like ZoomInfo.

Conclusion: Clearbit Alternatives

When exploring alternatives to Clearbit, it's essential to consider various factors that align with your specific requirements for lead generation. Factors such as budget constraints, data accuracy verification methods, data sourcing, and ease of tool integration play pivotal roles in the decision-making process.

These considerations are crucial to ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of your efforts in identifying potential customers.

Among the options mentioned, each offers distinct advantages that may align with the needs of your business.

Therefore, thoughtful consideration of these factors is imperative to selecting the most suitable alternative.

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