7 Best CRM for Small Business That are Worth Trying 2024

Selecting the best customer relationship management (CRM) software can be daunting for small businesses.

Numerous small business proprietors have encountered the constraints of spreadsheets when handling customer data, realizing the necessity for an improved alternative.

To simplify your exploration process, we've created a comprehensive guide to the best CRM for small business available today. Explore our top recommendations to discover the perfect CRM software solution for your needs.

What is Small Business CRM Software?

Small business customer relationship management (CRM) software assists SMBs in cultivating and sustaining customer relationships, encompassing tasks such as sales and customer support.

While there exists a multitude of CRMs tailored for businesses of various scales, small enterprises typically do not require the extensive feature sets found in enterprise-level CRMs.

Designed for simplicity and the reduction of human error, small business CRM software is engineered to operate seamlessly with the resources available to you. These solutions furnish essential features while maintaining flexibility for future expansion.

7 Best CRM for Small Business

Discover the best CRM platforms tailored for small enterprises, unveiling their advantages and standout features.



For small businesses valuing both marketing and sales pipelines, HubSpot is a strategic choice.

Unlike its competitors that often prioritize one over the other, HubSpot seamlessly integrates marketing and sales functionalities alongside customer service, content management, and operational tools.

Notably, HubSpot offers a free plan, facilitating SMBs to test its capabilities without a substantial initial investment.

Paid subscriptions start at $20, a more affordable option compared to Salesforce's $25, with the flexibility of monthly payments. However, costs can escalate with the Professional plan reaching up to $1,781 monthly, excluding onboarding expenses.

Constant Contact


Specializing in email marketing for e-commerce brands, Constant Contact empowers users to craft e-magazines, distribute email coupons, and orchestrate social media campaigns to attract leads from diverse platforms.

The platform incorporates an AI-driven website builder equipped with a content delivery network (CDN) for designing e-commerce websites. Pricing varies depending on the size of the user's email list.

Constant Contact streamlines communication with one-on-one messaging tools and automated follow-ups, streamlining administrative tasks.

Leveraging database management, behavioral tracking, and a rules engine, the platform aids in evaluating company performance and ROI, complemented by personalized onboarding support.

Monday Sales CRM

Monday Sales CRM

Ideal for managing company-wide tasks and customer relationships, Monday Sales CRM offers intuitive task management functionalities presented visually through customizable "boards."

Similar to popular tools like Trello or ClickUp, Monday Sales CRM's Kanban-style digital whiteboards facilitate the seamless organization of tasks and information.

Highlighting its automation capabilities, user-friendliness, and AI assistant, Monday Sales CRM caters to companies seeking a straightforward CRM solution.

However, businesses requiring in-depth analytics for sales forecasting and lead tracking may explore alternative options from the plethora of sales-focused CRMs available.



A versatile task management CRM platform, ClickUp offers native integrations with popular apps and features a customizable dashboard.

With a free version providing up to 100MB of storage and 100 automation per month, ClickUp caters to small businesses seeking efficient task organization.

Its "Everything View" provides a comprehensive overview of tasks across different organizational levels, facilitating easy filtering, sorting, and saving.

Additionally, ClickUp enables task automation and customization through custom field data, enhancing workflow efficiency.

For more detailed information, read our guide on What is ClickUp.



Targeting users desiring a straightforward interface and easy customization, Keap is a sales and marketing CRM platform boasting integrations with over 2,500 commonly used business apps.

Equipped with pre-written email templates and automation tools, Keap simplifies daily tasks such as text and email follow-ups.

Moreover, its native payment processors enable seamless payment transactions directly within the CRM platform.

Keap further enhances lead qualification and assessment by capturing lead information and preferences, offering a comprehensive solution for small businesses.



As a cloud-based CRM system, Zoho caters to small businesses with over 500 business app integrations. Key features include pipeline and funnel visibility, marketing campaign management, and an AI-powered conversation assistant.

Offering real-time notifications and multichannel customer engagement capabilities, Zoho facilitates efficient customer interaction via phone, email, live chat, or social media.

The platform emphasizes tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and forecasting predictions, empowering small businesses with valuable insights into their operations.



Renowned for its powerful customization and analytics capabilities, Salesforce offers sophisticated CRM solutions albeit with less flexibility in pricing and customer support.

With upfront annual subscription fees and additional charges for chat and phone support, Salesforce's pricing structure may pose challenges for smaller enterprises.

Nevertheless, the platform eliminates the need for separate marketing and analytics tools, consolidating various functionalities within a unified CRM system.

Although its advanced features may exceed the requirements of some small businesses, Salesforce remains a formidable choice for those prioritizing comprehensive customization and analytics capabilities.

Conclusion: Best CRM for Small Business

Determining the right CRM for your small business depends on the specific business and customer management features that hold the most significance for you and your team.

We've undertaken the rigorous task of filtering through the top-rated products to present you with the cream of the crop.

The most effective method to ascertain if a CRM aligns with your needs is by enrolling in a free trial and putting it through its paces.

The registration process is straightforward, typically necessitating only your email address and fundamental company details.

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