7 Best Free AI Tattoo Generators for Unique Design in 2024

AI-generated art is making waves worldwide. While there may be concerns about its impact on traditional artists and designers, its undeniable prowess in creating exceptional tattoos is evident.

Whether you're a tattoo artist in search of new inspiration or an enthusiast on the quest for your next ink masterpiece, the AI tattoo generator opens up an exciting avenue to spark creativity and simplify the design process.

If you're uncertain about where to start, fear not. We've compiled a list of 9 fantastic options to help you explore and find the best AI tattoo generator for your needs.

What is an AI Tattoo Generator?

An AI Tattoo Generator refers to a computerized tool employing artificial intelligence algorithms to produce virtual depictions of tattoos.

Through machine learning methods, it examines input parameters like textual descriptions of the desired design, preferred style, and design elements to craft distinctive tattoo designs.

The goal of this AI-powered tool is to aid individuals in envisioning and exploring tattoo concepts before committing to a permanent design. This enables them to experiment and make well-informed decisions about their body art.

7 Best Free AI Tattoo Generator 

Here are seven top AI tattoo generators.



Fotor is an online photo editor and graphic design platform equipped with a variety of tools and features for creating captivating images. Among its offerings is the AI tattoo generator, allowing users to craft personalized tattoo designs with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Fotor stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking diverse designs through AI.

Enhance your tattoo by expressing your preferences in writing or by using an image as inspiration for a new design. Fotor provides numerous creative ideas based on the input picture, allowing you to explore various possibilities.

BlackInk AI

BlackInk AI

BlackInk AI is a creative AI tool capable of swiftly producing distinctive flash tattoos. With a repository of over 2,000 designs available in three striking styles—Dotwork, blackwork, and Sketch—you have the flexibility to mix and match elements or be pleasantly surprised by the AI's creation of a custom design tailored to your preferences.

Exploring BlackInk AI is risk-free, as you can try it for free with an initial allocation of 5 credits (equivalent to 20 images). Additionally, users gain access to the style and tattoo ideas directory, a valuable resource for finding inspiration and tips for their next tattoo.

Adobe firefly

Adobe Firefly is recognized in the design community, and it now introduces a new AI-driven software named Firefly. This creative generative AI engine excels at generating images from text, applying styles and textures to text, and creating color variations for vector artwork.

Tattoo artists can find the generative recolor function particularly beneficial. Firefly also enables the generation of images based on text descriptions, serving as a valuable tool for visualizing tattoo ideas or sparking inspiration for new ones.


Free AI Tattoo Generators

Photoleap, a renowned photo editing app celebrated for its transformative features, caters to both casual photographers and digital artists with its cutting-edge AI capabilities.

Among its standout features, the AI Tattoo Generator stands out, enabling users to seamlessly incorporate realistic and artistic tattoos into their photos.


Having pioneered as one of the initial AI art generators, Midjourney boasts extensive algorithm training over the years. Today, its results are remarkably impressive, and while tattoos are just one facet of its capabilities, they exemplify the platform's excellence.

To craft a polished, tattoo-ready design, a grasp of text prompts is essential, but the outcomes are among the finest available. An effective approach involves combining a descriptor with a common style, such as "full moon wolf. Blackwork tattoo style."

Midjourney also demonstrates recognition of renowned tattoo artists. Concluding your prompt with "by Sailor Jerry" can evoke the distinctive style associated with that artist. Additionally, Midjourney accommodates existing images or designs, allowing users to refine them into different styles, colors, and more through prompts.

Artguru AI Tattoo Generator

Artguru AI Tattoo Generator

The Artguru AI Tattoo Generator stands out as a complimentary online tool employing artificial intelligence to craft exclusive and customized tattoo art derived from your text input.

Whether you possess a well-defined concept or seek inspiration, the Artguru AI Tattoo Generator proves instrumental in uncovering your ideal tattoo. It serves as an excellent avenue to explore diverse tattoo possibilities and identify the perfect design.

Whether utilized as a creative launchpad or a final design, this tool facilitates collaboration with clients or artists by enabling the sharing of AI-generated tattoos.



TattoosAI is dedicated to inspiring creative ideas. It offers the convenience of exploring and searching through regularly updated tattoo galleries, complete with style filters, all accessible without the need for prior registration.

When generating your designs, you can choose from a range of styles, including popular ones like surreal, watercolor, and lettering. Additionally, there's a 3D option available, allowing you to preview how the tattoo would appear on the body.

Final Words on AI Tattoo Generator 

Opting for a tattoo is a significant decision that demands thorough planning and thoughtful deliberation. Selecting a design that aligns with your personality, style, and taste is crucial, but the search for the perfect design can be both challenging and time-intensive.

This is where AI tattoo generators come to the rescue. They offer valuable assistance in crafting your one-of-a-kind tattoo design within minutes, eliminating the hassle.

These user-friendly and enjoyable AI tattoo generators allow you to effortlessly create custom designs and visualize how they appear on your skin.

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