8 Best AI Homework Helper for Students in 2024

Doing homework can be challenging for students across all age groups. From essay writing to math problem-solving and research tasks, having an effective AI homework helper can streamline the process and enhance the quality of student work.

AI tools offer assistance in multiple homework facets, including grammar checking, answer retrieval, source research, tutoring, and beyond.

This article will evaluate the top 8 AI-based homework helper tools available, empowering students to boost their academic performance and tackle homework tasks with greater ease.

What is an AI Homework Helper Tool?

An AI homework helper tool refers to a software application leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to aid students in their homework assignments.

AI, a field within computer science, endeavors to develop systems and machines capable of executing tasks typically associated with human intelligence, including reasoning, learning, problem-solving, and creativity.

AI homework helper tools harness AI to provide a range of benefits and services aimed at assisting students with their homework.

8 Best Free AI Homework Helper Tools 

We're presenting you with 8 of the top AI homework helper tools available for immediate use. These tools are user-friendly, dependable, and cost-effective.

1. ChatGPT

AI Homework Helper

ChatGPT serves as an AI chatbot proficient in explaining concepts and addressing homework queries. Its conversational interface facilitates easy inquiries on various academic topics.

However, users should fact-check as ChatGPT may occasionally provide incorrect or biased information.

2. Grammarly


Grammarly specializes in enhancing writing skills and grammar. It offers writing suggestions, corrections, and enhancements for writing homework, providing personalized feedback, insights, and goals.

Compatible with various writing formats and platforms, Grammarly is ideal for students aiming to improve their writing and impress their peers.

3. StudyMonkey AI

StudyMonkey AI

StudyMonkey AI functions as your dedicated AI tutor, offering personalized tutoring, feedback, and guidance to aid in homework completion. It facilitates learning and mastery of any subject or topic through tailored study plans, quizzes, flashcards, and games.

Adapting to individual learning styles, paces, and goals, StudyMonkey AI ensures an optimal learning experience. It serves as the ideal AI homework helper tool for students aiming to enhance their grades, skills, and knowledge.

4. Solvo AI

Solvo AI

Solvo AI represents an AI homework helper tool at the forefront of transforming students' homework routines. By offering intelligent solutions, explanations, and resources, Solvo AI assists in completing homework tasks effectively.

Moreover, Solvo AI provides features such as voice and gesture control, augmented reality, and virtual reality, enriching the homework experience. It can convert any surface, be it a wall, table, or floor, into an interactive homework workspace, accessible via voice commands and gestures.

With the ability to create immersive and realistic homework scenarios using augmented reality and virtual reality, Solvo AI redefines the homework and learning experience. It stands as the ultimate AI homework helper tool for students seeking a revolutionary and futuristic approach to homework.

5. OddityAI


OddityAI serves as an AI homework helper tool capable of completing your assignments within minutes. Simply upload your homework instructions, select your subject and level, and await for the AI to generate a comprehensive and accurate solution. From essays to math problems to coding assignments, OddityAI can handle any type of homework.

Additionally, it provides explanations, references, and tips to aid in understanding and enhancing your homework. As the ultimate AI homework helper tool, OddityAI saves you time, effort, and stress. 

6. AIR Math

AIR Math

AIR Math stands as an innovative AI mathematics learning tool crafted to enhance students' proficiency in math. Tailored features and functionalities facilitate swift problem-solving and learning.

The platform provides interactive problem-solving opportunities, along with guidance, simplifying complex mathematical concepts for better understanding.

7. StudyPool AI

Studypool AI offers a web-based platform furnishing students with round-the-clock homework assistance from authenticated tutors, a plethora of step-by-step solutions, and an AI study companion driven by GPT technology.

Covering an extensive range of subjects including math, science, writing, programming, and beyond, Studypool AI also aids in exam preparation, textbook solutions, and personalized tutoring. Accessible from any internet-connected device, Studypool AI ensures seamless accessibility for students seeking academic support.

If you want to take a deeper look into this platform, read our guide on Studypool Reviews.

8. Smodin Omni

Smodin Omni

Smodin Omni is a cutting-edge AI homework helper tool capable of swiftly solving any homework problem within seconds. Fueled by a robust AI engine, it accesses and analyzes billions of data points and sources to deliver the most optimal and accurate solutions across a wide array of subjects, from algebra to physics, chemistry, and history.

Moreover, Smodin Omni offers step-by-step solutions, detailed explanations, and illustrative examples to aid in the comprehension and verification of homework assignments. Serving as the ultimate homework-solving AI, Smodin Omni is poised to help students excel in any homework task. To discover more and initiate your free trial, visit [website].

Final Words on AI Homework Helper

The rise of AI homework helpers offers students valuable resources to strengthen learning and tackle academic hurdles.

Although sophisticated chatbots, problem solvers, and writing aids offer valuable assistance, human guidance, understanding, and critical thinking abilities remain indispensable.

It's vital to strike a balance between utilizing these advanced tools and leveraging personal insights and diligence to achieve well-rounded learning and academic excellence.

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