what is a niche

what is a niche

Define your niche

definition of niche Literally “niche” is the English word for “niche”, a small space in a larger whole. In marketing, the definition of niche indicates a very specific part of the market, a group of consumers with a similar interest. This can be a line of products, a hobby, or another group of like-minded people. By always making a subdivision, more potential customers will drop out. The group that remains will be more willing to take action or purchase, and will often also want to spend more because the topic is very appealing to that specific group.

Choosing a business niche ideas

Clothing is not a business niche, because everyone wears clothes. Dancewear is more specific, dancewear in Rock & amp; Roll style appeals to a specific target audience.

Marketing for niches looks for smaller segments of the market with sufficient potential customers, but a lack of providers. The balance between supply and demand plays the most important role in this.

Reach the target audience

A business niche audience usually feels related to other people in the same group. Social media, therefore, plays an important role in approaching customers and building a bond with this group. An affinity with the niche from the provider can offer a lot of advantages, authenticity is also highly appreciated by the target group. Niche marketing is especially interesting for smaller companies and organizations that cannot compete with major competitors. A smaller one

But serving a passionate market is a good strategy for conversion optimization. With a niche market strategy, you can appeal to a small but loyal target group, it is important that the message is authentic.

The real meaning of the term niche

Many people think that a niche is “a niche”. It would be a corner that has not yet been filled in by anyone. They think that in order to find their niche, they have to look for this hole. But what does the word niche really mean?

The word niche has several meanings. The well-known meaning is that of “niche”: a hollow in the wall. But the concept of niche used in marketing has nothing to do with that. The word comes from biology where it is derived from the French se niche, which means “to settle down”. means. A niche there means “the whole of environmental factors that are important for the maintenance of a plant or animal species” (Van Dale).

A niche is therefore a place where an animal or plant in the ecosystem comes into its own because it has the natural advantages to survive. The right nutrients are abundant and easily accessible.

And that is exactly what a well-chosen niche also means for an entrepreneur. It is a place where the entrepreneur can easily achieve prosperity and feel nurtured by the opportunities that exist, allowing him to gain a lead in the competition.

Contrary to the meaning of “gap in the market”, the meaning of “nutritious nest” thus indicates much more direction where to find your niche. He indicates what is essential for a good niche:

Niche significance

The marketing, definition of niche term niche within the internet marketing world means that you look for a specific sub-market within a large market in order to reach a targeted target group with your product or service.

In other words; you focus on a specific group of people who really need your product or service.

In this way, you can do business in a very targeted way and specialize within a large market.

Consumers will therefore be more inclined to go to a specialist who really specializes in a particular problem or solution to his or her problem.

Large companies such as bol.com offer thousands of products but are actually not really specialized in anything.

So when you really focus on a niche and specialize in a particular product, you can really become an authority in a specific part of a competitive market.

You may have already seen the following statements:

“You have to look for a niche because then you will score faster in Google”

“With a niche, you are less affected by high competition”

“With a niche, your target group is much more specific and they will buy more quickly”

All of these statements are true in my opinion. However, it is not always wise to choose a niche because you also have to take into account the number of visitors you need each month to be profitable on the internet.

Without visitors, you obviously cannot sell or offer anything. That is why it is always important to look at the number of monthly searches for certain search terms within your niche.

Extensive keyword research can then offer a solution.

This way you get a good idea of ​​how often a specific keyword is searched every month and / whether it can be profitable to focus on that.

In addition, you also come across many new keywords that you did not even think about at first.

Showcase your niche

The best would of course be if you know how to find keywords that are searched for a lot every month and where there is no competition at all.

However, in most cases, this is not realistic.

Because a niche is very specific and you mainly focus on a certain target group, it can sometimes be difficult to find profitable keywords.

If you want to market a new product that is aimed at a specific target group, then certainly nobody knows about your product at the beginning.

There will therefore be very little Googled on the name of your product. However, there are still plenty of keywords that can be related to your product or service.

If you want to create more brand awareness for your product, you will have to take a marketing budget into account and think carefully about which marketing channels you want to use to position your product or service within your niche.

For example, do you want to advertise through Google Adwords, offline marketing (flyers, word of mouth, stickers) or do you want to buy advertising space on a large relevant website?

To be successful in your niche, it is therefore wise to first conduct good market research. In this way, you find out where the opportunities lie within your niche and you discover who your target group is.

Valuable information about your target audience could be, for example:




Buying behavior

Educational attainment

What language do they speak, what words do they use

The benefits of a niche

Less competition

A more specific target group

Faster at the top of Google

Buy-oriented visitors

Many niche websites can form 1 large website

To give a good example of a website that has grown by making use of niches is Coolblue.

Here, a separate domain name is registered for each specific product and then merged into 1 large web. Behind every domain name is a specific website, but it is located on the home base of Coolblue.

How do I find a good niche?

Finding a good niche is actually easier than you might think at first. For example, take a look around you when you go shopping or when you are in the car. You will see that you will encounter many niches that may be interesting to market on the internet.

Examples of niche markets

To make it so clear for you, we have an overview of niches for you. In this overview, we take into account (A: Large market – B: Niche – C: Micro-niche)

Lose Weight – Lose Weight Fast – Lose weight quickly in a week

Dating – Speed ​​dating – Speed ​​dating for the higher educated

Finances – Borrow money – Borrow money without income

Nutrition – Healthy eating – Healthy eating during pregnancy

Cars – Sell cars – Sell cars for export

Books – second-hand books – second

Dogs – best dogs food- second.

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