How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

  • How to become an affiliate marketer

 Affiliate marketing is a specific revenue model. In affiliate marketing, the advertiser pays its partners a percentage of a sale through pay-per-sale. If you want to become an affiliate marketer, you must first become a partner of advertisers. It sounds complicated, but it absolutely isn’t. Anyone with a well-maintained website or a popular blog can become an affiliate marketer. An example. Suppose you are the owner of a website that receives many visitors every day. ‘

How to consider

You are considering becoming an affiliate marketer. That’s why you join affiliate networks by creating an account. The affiliate network and the advertiser view your website (s) or blog (s) to determine whether they want to include their advertisements. Usually, the inspection is not that strict. If your website or blog looks neat, you will often be approved as an affiliate marketer. Then you can look for suitable products that fit your website. For example, if you want to promote energy companies, you can start a comparison site about energy companies.

Which products should you choose?

You choose products that match your content

You can see content as information. In effect, you are giving information away to someone else. Information can be placed in different text types. You can entertain, inform, convince, consider and…

  to fit. Content is the content of your website or blog. For example, an article, review, or the content of a video clip. The products are shown in your account of the affiliate network. Is your website going?

for example about holiday destinations, then it is logical that you look for advertisers who offer holiday trips. If you have found advertisers that match your website, you can add links

Links are extremely important on your website. They are important for your visitors and for the search engines. The search engine finds the …

  copy to products and include in your content. By viewing products you can also come up with ideas for creating new content

In affiliate marketing, the advertiser pays its partners a percentage of a sale through pay-per-sale.

Banners or links?

You can also place banners on your website. It does not matter whether you choose banners or links, because from the moment you include the banners or links in your content, you are busy recruiting buyers for the advertiser. Interested visitors can then decide to click on the affiliate link in the articles on your website or blog. So you actually advertise for the advertiser, but you also offer products..

An underrated medium in my opinion: YouTube

Youtube is a website where you can post and watch videos. YouTube is the largest online video site on the internet. Every person in this world can upload, watch and share videos on YouTube. The motto of

YouTube is also a unique way of marketing in which a lot of profit can be generated.


Most advertisers prefer to pay per sale. This is called PPS or pay-per-sale. There are also other constructions, such as PPV (pay-per-view), PPC (pay-per-click) or PPL (pay-per-lead). In the vast majority of cases, as an affiliate marketer, you are paid via a network on a PPS basis, so pay-per-sale. You will receive a small percentage of the turnover for each sale of a product..

How can you make money with affiliate marketing?

Because you are offered links or banners from the advertiser through the affiliate network, each banner or link (in your account) contains a piece of code with your personal account number. Code linked to your personal account in the promotional material allows the affiliate network to register whether customers view or buy products from the advertiser through your links. Every time customers make a purchase on an advertiser’s website via one of the links on your website, you will be paid a small amount on that purchase. That amount of money is called commission.

How much commission do you get?

Suppose the commission is set at 3% and the advertiser sells a bicycle for three hundred euros through your banners. As an affiliate, you are then entitled to a commission of 3% on three hundred euros. You will then be paid a commission of 9.00. For example, an affiliate marketer earns from the sale of a bicycle that he has not sold himself. That is broadly how affiliate marketing works. So you receive a commission on sales from advertisers.

Do you always get paid?

Sales must be approved first. It happens that customers return their product. You will not be paid any commission. That’s why it often takes some time before you get commissions

Provide good content

Do you get thousands of visitors to your website every day? Then it is certainly interesting to place links from affiliate networks on your website. If you only get dozens of visitors a day, then the chance of sales is small and it is wise to first work on the popularity of your website. Before you will be successful as an affiliate marketer, you need a successful website or popular blog, with strong content. A lot of (good!) content on a website is also an advantage because you can place a lot of links or banners.

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